Am I Missing Something About Chris Coste?

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All Chris Coste has ever done his entire baseball life is battle. After an impressive Spring in 2006 he had the team made out of Spring Training. Then a last minute trade brought David Dellucci to the Phillies and Coste was optioned.

After being recalled and batting .328 with seven homeruns as a back up catcher, he was sure to be a lock for the 2007 squad. Not so, as the Phillies made the mistake of bringing in Rod Barajas.

Coste for a second time showed his worth and won the role. This offseason, the Phillies acquired back up catcher Ronny Paulino from the Pittsburgh Pirates. Again Coste had to compete for and again won the back up catcher role.

Yesterday, the Phillies signed veteran catcher Paul Bako to a minor league contract.


Are they filling out the minor league roster or is Coste really this inadequate?

Sure his batting average is down a little this year at .235, but with only 55 at bats, one good game can change all that.

Bako hit .209, .205, and .217 from 2006 to 2008 respectively. He is a year older than Coste and bats left handed, something the Phillies really don’t need on their bench.

Again, the move may just be to fill out the minor league roster, but why does it always seem like the Phillies are saying to Coste, you are just keeping a seat warm for someone else?

Coste won the back up job in 2009. Let him serve in that roll and I bet you will see some big hits from him both when he plays and off the bench.

If he can’t hit all season address it next winter. But for now, bringing in a career .231 hitter just doesn’t seem to make sense. Am I missing something?

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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