2009 Philadelphia Phillies Trade Possibilities

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The Phillies are currently leading the National League East, but you wouldn’t think they were based on their stats.

Their hitting has been good, yet it is sometimes inconsistent.

Their pitching has been nothing but inconsistent.

The worst part of it:

If the hitting is good, the pitching is bad.

If the pitching is good, the hitting is bad.

Heck, sometimes they’re both bad! Yet never both good.

Their bullpen, the prized bullpen of Philly, has struggled. With Lidge gone, the bullpen is in need of help.

On the plus side, Ruben Amaro Jr is trying to correct these problems.

Here are some possibilites that are either reasonable or wishful:

1. Kyle Kendrick and Jason Donald to Boston Red Sox for Brad Penny and Rocco Baldelli

Reasonable in my opinion. The Phillies would surrender struggling Kendrick and prospect Donald for rotation and bench help.

With John Smoltz coming back this week, the Red Sox will have six starters. Also the Red Sox have Clay Buchholz in the minors, who is getting antsy.  

2. Kyle Kendrick and Travis D’Arnaud to Seattle Mariners for Erik Bedard and Chris Woodward

Reasonable seeing as the Mariners are in rebuild mode. The Mariners need pitching and catching help—D’Arnaud is a catching prospect. If not D’Arnaud, maybe Lou Marson?

Bedard has been mentioned a lot as a possibility not just this year but in previous years as well. Woodward would give the Phillies a much need reliable right-handed bat off the bench.

The only downside is that Bedard has been known to be trouble in the clubhouse.

3. Jason Donald, Antonio Bastardo, andLou Marson to San Diego Padres for Jake Peavy 

I’m sure the Padres are looking for deals like this since they aren’t in the race, but Peavy wants to stay in San Diego. (Because everyone wants to play for last place teams.)

The Padres don’t want to pay Peavy’s contract. They are rebuilding and need help at shortstop and catcher. Kendrick would just be a bonus.

The only hurdle is Peavy’s no-trade clause. Most offers for Peavy have been reasonable, but he’s too… stubborn? Clingy? Used to losing?

4. Michael Taylor and Kyle Kendrick to Cincinnati Reds for Johnny Cueto  

Maybe not reasonable? Cuerto is young and one of the Reds’ core players. He’s having a good year so far.

The Reds aren’t in the race and need third base, outfield, and pitching help.

If the deal doesn’t sound good, maybe throw in Donald, but then they might be offering too much for too little.

5. Michael Taylor, Antonio Bastardo, and Jason Donald to Arizona Diamondbacks for Brandon Webb and Doug Davis  

Wishful maybe? The Diamondbacks aren’t in the race and are rebuilding, but I don’t think they like the idea of giving away two of their best pitchers in one shot.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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