When Fans Attack: The 10 Worst Fanbases in Sports

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It seems in recent years, the people that watch sports have begun to take the term “sports fanatic” a little too literally.

It seems more and more people will curse at children and the elderly, throw things, and even enter the field of play, all for the love of their team.

It happened again the other night in the so-called “friendly confines” of Wrigley Field, when a fan threw a beer on Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino as he attempted to make a catch.

Indeed, going to sporting events and rooting for the visiting team has become a dangerous activity.

But the violent fanbase is not the only example of bad fans out there; there are numerous factors that go into determining the worst fans.

So, with that in mind, here are 10 fanbases in sports to avoid.


10. Chicago Cubs fans

The Shane Victorino thing aside, Cubs fans make this list for their continuous “woe is me” attitude. Nobody likes sports fans who feel sorry for themselves, and Cubs fans are the best at that. If the Cubs lose three games in a row in April, they start thinking about next year. I mean, c’mon.


9. New York Rangers fans

Somebody needs to tell these people that the New York metro area actually has two other hockey teams.

New York Rangers fans act like they own the hockey world and frown upon anyone who roots for the Devils and Islanders, despite the fact that both clubs have won more Stanley Cups in the past 50 years than the Rangers (Islanders four, Devils three, Rangers one).


8. Boston Red Sox fans

Remember that nerd from high school that developed some computer chip, struck it rich, and now thinks he’s hot stuff? Well, that’s the Red Sox fan in a nutshell.

Only a few years ago they were the AL version of Cubs fans, always down, always pessimistic, always willing to accept failure. They were lovable losers.

Then they win a couple of rings, and BAM, now they’re Yankee fans. Nothing like forgetting your roots. Sickening.


7. St. Louis Cardinals fans

People have referred to them as the best fanbase in baseball. They’re always happy, and they never boo their own team or players. It’s like having a fanbase full of Mr. Rogers clones and kindergarten teachers.

Cheering and saying good job for bad play is OK in youth sports, but not for professionals. I’m sorry, but if somebody on my team strikes out four times, I’m not giving him a standing ovation, period.

These fans make the rest of us normal people look bad.


6. New Jersey Nets fans

Do they even exist?

If they do, then this is how pathetic they are…when the Nets were on their way to the Finals against the LA Lakers, I decided to go to an Eastern Conference championship game against the Celtics. I drove to the arena, walked up to the ticket window, and purchased two tickets on the day of the game.

Empty seats for a conference title game means you really suck as a fanbase.

I bet they’ll be the first to cry foul when the Nets move to Brooklyn, too.


5. Philadelphia Eagles fans

These are the same fans who hate their quarterback, despite the fact that he’s never in trouble, played with a broken ankle, and led the Eagles to five NFC title games and one Super Bowl in 10 seasons.

And don’t even think about wearing your team’s colors in “The Linc.” I once saw them smack a cheesehead off a 10-year-old kid’s head.

But what do you expect from fans who once threw snowballs at Santa Claus?


4. Dallas Cowboys fans

Nothing is more pathetic than an elitist fanbase whose team hasn’t even won a playoff game since Bill Clinton was President.

Still, Cowboys fans will argue how good they are every year (even when they’re not), how Tony Romo is the best QB in the division (even though he has yet to win a big game, while Donovan McNabb has been to five championship games and one Super Bowl, and Eli Manning has won a Super Bowl), and how they’re the Yankees of the NFL (even though the Steelers have won more championships).

And when they have no argument, they just revert to talking about the 1990s.


3. New York Yankee fans

The elitist snobs of the fan world, the Yankees have won more championships than any team in any sport, and their fans will let you know it.

Never mind that the Yankees haven’t won it all in almost 10 years, didn’t make the playoffs last year, and are currently behind the rival Boston Red Sox in championships this decade. Yankee fans will still walk with their noses in the air as they make their way to their $2,500 seats to watch their $200 million team, while still complaining that the Yankees didn’t get Roy Halladay at the trade deadline.

The Yankee fan has a sense of entitlement and little sense of fiscal responsibility or reality.


2. Oakland Raiders fans

These people are just lunatics, period.

They paint their faces, dress like Tina Turner in Mad Max, and actually believe that despite weighing only 150 pounds, wearing face paint, a mohawk, and shoulder pads with foam spikes will strike fear in the hearts of pro football players who are big enough to get tackled by Ray Lewis and live to tell about it.

And their team still sucks.


1. Philadelphia Phillies fans

If Philadelphia had 10 sports teams, then chances are no other city would crack this list.

For years these fans simply used the baseball season to pass the time until it was time to travel to Lehigh University to watch Eagles training camp, but now that the Phillies are champions, there are Phillies jerseys and caps all over the place, more and more McNabb jerseys being replaced by Ryan Howard jerseys.

As a Mets fan I have personally had my manhood challenged, my wife and son insulted, food and drinks thrown at me, walked to my seats amid chanting of @$$ hole, and had a grown man tell my children they suck for being Mets fans. I can personally attest to these individuals being vile, bottom-feeding, fickle sports fans.

These same people gave the best third baseman ever, their very own Mike Schmidt, a terrible time his entire career, and once threw batteries at J.D. Drew (come to think of it, who wouldn’t love to throw batteries at J.D. Drew?).

They are simply the worst fanbase in all of sports, period.


Honorable Mention: New York Mets fans

These people love to have their hearts broken, wallow in their own misery, and still make signs that say “Ya Gotta Believe,” even when their team is seven games under .500 and 12 games out of first.

The worst type of this fan is one who is so disgusted with his team that he makes up a list of terrible fanbases just so he can put the Yankees and Phillies in the top five, because he has no other argument against those fans this year other than “you guys suck.”


So there it is—proof that violence isn’t the only factor in determining a terrible fanbase. Sometimes it’s something as simple as living in Philadelphia.

Note from the author: This article is a joke meant to poke fun at ourselves for taking our sports so seriously. I even take a shot at myself at the end for even writing this article. If I offended anyone, I apologize.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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