No Treat For The Mad Dog

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Ryan Madson was thrust into the closer role this weekend after watching his fellow bullpen member Brad Lidge nearly blow his eleventh game of the season against the Washington Nationals.  And while Madson got the save that night the “Mad Dog” hasn’t looked good since being officially named the unofficial closer for the Philadelphia Phillies.

After coming into the game with a one run lead on Saturday night, Madson recorded two quick ground outs.  Fernando Tatis then singled which set up a two-run-homerun by David Wright.  It was Madson’s sixth blown save of the season.

Think about that for a moment.

Madson has six blow saves in thirteen chances and Brad Lidge has ten blown saves in thirty-nine chances. A .744 and .538 save percentage respectively.  And while Madson’s ERA is nearly whole runs better, it’s evident that neither is getting the job done in ninth.

Madson first showed he was incapable of holding the lead in the ninth during Lidge’s stint on the DL early in the season and has looked no more capable in the other chances he’s been given throughout the season.

Ten blown is bad, six isn’t much better.

It’s time for manager Charlie Manuel to give the fans what they want.

Give the fans Brett Myers.


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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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