World Series Game Four Preview: This Is for You, Nick Adamo

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For the first time since they were down 2-0 to the Colorado Rockies in the first round of the 2007 playoffs, the Phillies find themselves in a very uncomfortable position. They are behind for the first time in six previous playoff appearances, and instead of having their ace to bring back for a tying series victory, they are forced to start a guy who has given up only 30 home runs during the regular season.

This, and CC Sabathia again is what the Phillies have to face to get even in this 2009 World Series. The only saving grace is the Phillies are confident they can handle CC here at Citizens Bank Park. They will flashback to the last year’s NLDS, where Shane Victorino parked a Grand Slam home run off a Sabathia fastball, sending him and the Brewers to the showers and virtually out of the 2008 post season.

In Game One this year, Sabathia was effective going seven innings allowing only the two Home Runs to Chase Utley who by the way has disappeared since then.

Alex Rodriguez finally put a bat on the ball last night with a questionable two-run homer. I say questionable only because it had to be reviewed officially being the first time instant replay has been used in a World Series. Given the vast number of poor calls during the postseason, I’m sure we will be seeing some changes in the instant replay process.

Here’s my dilemma regarding this series. As a reporter, I’m trying to be as objective as I can possibly be by not taking sides and hopefully offering the quality insight of a fan who has been watching baseball since 1951. If I had to grade myself so far, and I’m a former teacher and school principal, I feel I’m qualified to give an unbiased grade, I would give myself an A.

The problem is I’ve always been an intense and loyal fan first. I have reading my favorite blogs, sports sites and as much of the media outlook as I can and one of the main topics is which team should loyal New York Mets fans root for in this World Series. For those who said I’m not going to root or even watch the Series, to you I say forgetitaboutit, you’re not baseball fans and I couldn’t care less what you think.

There are amazing arguments for both sides. One fan friend of mine says if the Phillies win, it will help them generate more income and re-sign their better players and put them in position to be more active in the free agent market, which they were after the 2008 World Series. That’s from a 15 year old who is as passionate of a Mets fan as I am.

Then there’s another fan who says he would rather stick needles in his eyes than see the Yankees win another title and rub it in the faces of Mets fans everywhere, validating their superiority once again for bragging rights in the Big Apple.

I’m perplexed, so after hours of thought after last nights game which messed up my nice predictions by the way, I have decided that I’m not rooting for either team to win, but I will delighted to see either team loss on that particular day. In the end I will be so so about the winner of the 2009 World Series and hope I covered it thoroughly but I will be overwhelmed with happiness for the team that loses. Fair enough, NICK A?

Prediction: Talk about a must game for the Phillies; this is surely the one. I think their over anxiousness is going to hurt them. I still like them in the series but after today’s game they will need to win three straight.

Lee, Pedro, and Hamels however will still get it done and for the record how great would it be to see the “Sankees” blow a 3-1 seies lead. By the way, they did it before. I believe it was 1957 and the opponent was the Milwaukee Braves. Look it up.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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