MLB October Showdown: A Postseason Preview

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With just over a week left in the MLB season, I figured it’d be good to look at the possibilities for this postseason’s match-ups.

While certain teams have much work to do in regards of locking their position in the postseason, I thought it would be fun to look into the playoffs as they sit today.

If the postseason started right this instant, the match-ups would look like this:

American League Division Series

Texas Rangers at New York Yankees

Tampa Bay Rays at Minnesota Twins


National League Division Series

Cincinnati Reds at Philadelphia Phillies

Atlanta Braves at San Francisco Giants


The way I calculated these results, were not based on merely opinion, I shuffled season statistics into the following categories.

First I’d look at the series match-up on the season. The latest games being the more influential than the early season games.

I considered the home field advantage records vs. away records.

Next, I considered the teams September record, since it represents how hot they are now, going into the playoffs.

This could indicate a readiness to perform in crunch time.

Also, I consider previous experience, a very overlooked possession. Experience alone sometimes can win a team the ball game.

Lastly, I’ve used some common sense also. Gotta factor that in, because it’s not always what the numbers say. There aren’t necessarily numbers for heart.

With that being said, lets get into the match-ups.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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