Remembering Harry Kalas

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For fans outside of Philadelphia, it may be hard to comprehend just how much Harry Kalas meant to the city and the Phillies ballclub. But if you don’t instantly recognize his name, you will definitely recognize his voice.

It’s utterly impossible to have been a sports fan and not have heard Kalas’ distinctively deep, leathery voice from either classic Phillies calls or NFL Films presentations.

His trademark deliberately-paced, measured delivery combined with a hard, powerful vocal punch breathed life into everything Kalas said, from singular plays to World Championship victories.

As Phillies play-by-play broadcaster since 1971, he was more than just the voice of the franchise. He was the heart and soul of the team and the city. His voice has been described as “magical,” “heavenly,” and a “backdrop for millions of lives.”

He is one of those rare announcers where his calls can literally send chills up and down your spine. His signature “Outta here!” home run call is so deeply engraved into the baseball lexicon, it has become almost a cliche to younger generations of sports fans.

If they didn’t know yesterday morning, Phillies fans now know how fortunate they were to have such a legendary figure calling their games. Phillies games will never be the same again, nor will NFL Films.

But Kalas’ voice will live on forever, certainly after we are all passed on.



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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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