Sorry, Nationals: It Was All About Harry Kalas

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What was one more loss going to hurt the Washington Nationals anyway? It’s not like Manny Acta was about to be replaced by Flip Saunders, or Stan Kasten was giving away 2-for-1 tickets to every fan able to prove their hatred of the Nats. It was going to be business as usual for a Nationals team that had no motivation other than pleasing a somewhat-partisan crowd.

But no one could really be partisan yesterday, after hearing the news of the sudden death of Harry Kalas, a longtime Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster and the echoing voice of NFL Films for many years. He went out the way many of us would like to, at an age so few of us ever imagine reaching.

Just dropped. Right in the booth. 73-years-old.

So as much as I would’ve liked the Nationals to get their first win of the year on yesterday afternoon, I’m sure the franchise didn’t mind my star-crossed loyalties on the day. Maybe after everyone has said an appropriate goodbye, maybe after children can gather a glimpse of appreciation for one of sports radio’s golden voices, who was still relevant in a cable television world, will I and many other young baseball fans get back to a regular sense of animosity towards the Phillies.

But today, having learned so much about a guy that I knew but never really knew, I won’t hate any success the World Champs may take away from Nationals Park this week. Lord knows they really will be able to use it.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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