Harry Kalas: A Legend Is Lost

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A few days ago Harry Kalas was stolen from us quicker than a Jimmy Rollins swiped bag.

The longtime Phillies broadcaster and voice of NFL Films exemplified all that is good with sports, providing countless memories for fans everywhere.

Harry Kalas is being six-years-old and discovering the sport of baseball.

Harry Kalas is “outta here!”, “you are the man!”, “watch this baby!” and “Michael Jack Schmidt!”

Harry Kalas is full of high hopes.

Harry Kalas is pretending to go to sleep, and sneaking in a few extra glorious innings.

Harry Kalas is getting caught for the above offense, but having a completely valid excuse.

Harry Kalas is watching the first three innings on TV, going outside maybe to shoot some hoops and listen for the middle three, then closing out the night back on television with a win or loss.

Harry Kalas is a warm summer night on your porch, in your backyard, driving in the car, or relaxing at the shore.

Harry Kalas is attempting to imitate an impossible to imitate voice.

Harry Kalas is your childhood, your adulthood. Your entire fanhood.

Harry Kalas is a World Champion in more ways than one.

Harry Kalas is Philadelphia.

The man was appropriately recognized by the Baseball Hall of Fame. Inducted in 2002, Harry the K was simply the best.

He was passionate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, genuine, elegant, unique and absolutely legendary.

The voice itself brought joy to everyone. Man what I would do for some vocal chords like that! It had the power to capture an entire city, and it did.

Through good times and bad, winning streaks and slumps, blazing heat and rain delays, we had Harry Kalas to relate to.

His personality is what pushed him over the top. Tell me of a person who disliked Harry Kalas and I would have no choice but to call you a liar. He had no enemies. What he had were millions of friends.

His voice has awoken me for the past few months after an unforgettable call in the World Series. “The 0-2 pitch, swing and a miss, struck him out, the Philadelphia Phillies are 2008 World Champions of Baseball.” I can’t get enough of it. It doubles as my ringtone and will continue to for quite a while.

During every game, usually in the early innings, Harry would always say something like, “We’d like to give our well wishes to the Smith family and to Bob for a quick recovery.” Now it’s our turn. On behalf of all the Phillies fans I’d like to say, “We want to send our well wishes to your family, Harry.”

An empty feeling will linger around the team, the city, and all of baseball. Harry Kalas as a person is irreplaceable. There will never be anyone whose voice resonated like Harry’s.  No one will capture a city so completely like Harry.

The fabric of the Philadelphia Phillies is “outta here” but Harry Kalas will never be forgotten.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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