Finally? Blanton Gives Phils Their First Quality Start

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The Philadelphia Phillies managed to play .500 ball despite not getting one, that’s ONE quality start from their pitching staff.

That is, until the newest co-pilot of the Redneck Express rolled through South Broad Street last night. 


Finally a quality start from the defending champs!  The cold start should have been writing on the wall for anyone who has a grip on what has been going on around Citizen’s Bank Park in recent weeks.

For the starters, this staff simply hasn’t found their groove yet.  There has been a lot of distractions around the clubhouse with the most obvious being the loss of the legendary broadcaster, Harry Kalas.  He will be missed with sorrow and admiration. 

The phightin have also dealt with inclement weather, twice.  It’s hard to hit your stride as a starting pitching staff when you’ve already had two rain-outs in the first 15 games. 

Then there is the World Series hangover thing too.  Cole Hamels openly admitted to not being prepared for the start of this season.  I can only imagine how the extra month of pitching has affected the Phillies starting five… 

But Heavy B has corrected all of this!  He is the saviour of the staff!  Okay I’m just making bold statements now, but at this point in the season I think the starters will be settling in and producing more quality starts for the WFC’s (world F’n champs).

All of this positivity moving forward still doesn’t excuse the fact that it took 13 games to get one quality start from our boys. 

I’m just glad they got over that hump and are still floating around .500.  If our boys can string together a few series W’s then we should be looking more like the defending champs instead of our friendly rival the Nats. 

If this staff can catch up to the bullpen, the defense, and a few of the hotter bats then these guys have a shot at dominating the NL East.  This is just one fan hoping that comes together, sooner rather than later…

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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