Phillies Phans: A Perspective on Phlorida

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I’m a fan of one of the teams people love to hate, and I’m a lover.  I have to be, I’m a mom.  If there wasn’t estrogen in the world, babies wouldn’t be born and baseball greats wouldn’t be raised. 


Or baseball fans. 


And one thing’s for certain about Phillies phans: Everything’s about them.  Let me show you what I mean.


The thing that disgusts me most about Phils phans is they’re phair weather phriends.  (Get it?)  Well, Phils players might be members of MLB, but they proved they’re Phillies at heart when they swept the Marlins by doing what their own phans do best—kick ‘em when they’re down. 


And I loved every minute of it. 


It was nice to see our pitchers aren’t the only ones who melt down.  At least we didn’t have to bring in our right fielder to pitch the last inning.  But that’s not to say we wouldn’t bring Jayson Werth in to catch, especially when, in my own personal opinion, the Phils went downhill when Carlos Ruiz got hurt. 


I think the Phils deserved it, and I’ll tell you why: They signed cute little Carlos to a measly half-million dollar contract this year, and after his performance in the playoffs and the ’08 Series, that’s an atrocity.  As Thomas the Tank Engine would say, “Serves them right…serves them right!”


But don’t brush aside the “other” thing that happened in Phlorida: Jimmy Rollins sat on the bench.  Yup.  Did anyone happen to catch the article where Charlie Manuel spouted his perspective on Phils hitting, and then in the very next sentence Rollins was quoted as saying the skipper doesn’t know what he’s talking about?  Can you smell dissension in the ranks?  I’m a mom, and I can smell a dirty diaper on kid in a shopping cart two aisles away, and I’m saying something stinks. 


I hope they get it cleaned up soon.  The Mets are coming to town, and they’re already mad at Cole Hamels for telling it like it is.  But controversy or no controversy, I still love him.


I have to.  I’m a mom.  That’s what I’m designed to do.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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