Philadelphia Phillies Players Most Hated by New York Mets’ Fans

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Right now, I am sitting in the Editing Suite for my college, and my group members and I are working on a documentary on farming.

Even on an off day, and while working on something that has nothing to do with it, I am still thinking about the Mets—and with a big weekend series with the Phillies coming up, all of the rage of the past couple of seasons has risen from the depths of me.

So I got myself thinking: Who do Mets fans dislike the most when it comes to the Philly Players?

I am going to list the top five, in descending order, and I will give the reasons for why I think so. Enjoy!


5. Jayson Werth

Werth has been one of those new found Mets’ killers that has seemingly came out of nowhere. He has a couple of big homers against the Mets, including one that was a major killer against Billy Wagner, whose Mets career is essentially over.

The reason Mets’ fans can’t stand Werth is kind of ironic. He isn’t great, but he knows how to hit against the Mets in the clutch. In fact, in just 108 career at-bats against the Mets, he is hitting .315 with five homers and 14 RBI. It just irritates Mets’ fans to know that he has beaten them.


4. Cole Hamels

Hamels has been excellent since his inception into the league. Although Hamels is only 1-3 in six career starts against the Mets, he has been front and center when it comes to the media.

Hamels had a pretty controversial interview on the radio during the preseason, where he essentially said that the Phillies are better than the Mets. But in his defense, he was definitely baited into giving the answer that the reporter was looking for, which was bad journalism.

This is one of those cases, at least for me, that I think we hate based on respect. Chipper Jones would be another guy who would fall into that category. This guy is probably going to haunt the Mets for years to come.


3. Chase Utley

When healthy, Utley may be the best-hitting second basemen in all of baseball. Utley has 82 career hits against the Mets, 37 of which have been for extra bases. Although his average against the Mets is only .266, he seems to perform the best when the pressure is at a high point.

This hatred from Mets’ fans may be based on jealousy, because Chase Utley may be what their lineup is missing to be excellent once and for all.


2. Jimmy Rollins

Rollins may be the leader on the Phillies in being the Mets’ killer of the present. He has hit 21 homers against the Orange and Blue in his career, and he has infuriated people in New York even more with his comments in preseason.

He also likes to mock the Mets, and that just fuels the fire even more. Rollins even said that the

Phillies were going to win the NL East, and we need to give him credit. He not only was a man of his word, but he won an MVP to boot. Rollins is getting up there in years, and he will still be front and center as long as he can still play.


1. Shane Victorino

There are not many people that I personally dislike in professional sports more than Shane Victorino.

People in Philadelphia consider Victorino to be their version of Jose Reyes, which angers Mets fans to the fullest extent.  Victorino is not as good as Reyes. He steals fewer bases and he doesn’t get on base as much.

His 11 career stolen bases against the Mets are the second-highest against any one team in his career. He is one of those guys who loves to mock the Mets, and he likes to mock Jose Reyes as well. A lot of Mets’ fans’ can’t even stand the thought of Shane Victorino.


Your thoughts?

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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