Mets-Phillies: A Battle of Goliaths in Philadelphia

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Carlos Delgado (and Beltran), Jose Reyes, and David Wright vs. Ryan Howard, Chase Utely, Jimmy Rollins, and Raul Ibanez. “Murderers Row” vs. “Murderers Row” in what looks to be a series of high-scoring games of sluggers—particularly against pitchers that allow many runs anyway.

Where’s David?

He (specifically Johan Santana) isn’t scheduled to start this weekend. And he’s probably the one player on either team that could change the dynamics of the struggle. Some other time.

For now, you go with what you have. Mike Pelfrey vs. Chan Ho Park, Oliver Perez vs. Jamie Moyer, and John Maine vs. Joe Blanton. Not exactly the material for pitchers’ duels, but reasonably evenly matched all the same. 

All of the Mets pitchers are in their 20s, and only one of the Phillies. The Mets should have the advantage, but they don’t. Jamie Moyer, a mature “finesse” pitcher, has the best ERA of the above-mentioned bunch.

So the sluggers will probably have the run of Citizens Bank Park this weekend. It looks like the series will be won by the heavy hitters (Goliaths), not the hurlers (Davids). Lots of action, little traction.

Even though he was big and strong, “Goliath” wasn’t the best thing to be. The original Goliath did not win his last battle. One of these Goliaths won’t win the series.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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