Jamie Moyer Going for Milestone Tonight

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NOTE: This was originally posted May 7, 2009, before Moyer’s last start, but because he lost the game I thought I would re-post it as Moyer goes for the milestone win one more time tonight.

With a win tonight, Jamie Moyer will reach his 250th career win. What an accomplishment that would be for a pitcher who has stood the test of time.

What Moyer lacks in great stuff, he makes up for in smarts. It is no secret that a bean ball from Moyer will leave only the slightest of bruises the next day (if any), so he has learned the value of staying calm and has practiced being patient on the mound.

Nobody slows the game down like Moyer. He can frustrate a batter by tossing over to first 16 times in one at-bat. While the batter is growing anxious for a pitch—and thus more likely to swing—Moyer is playing the game.

He knows he is not going to strike out 15 batters in a game, but what he is most concerned with is helping his team win. All that is asked of Moyer is that he keep the Phillies in any game, and he almost always does.

Moyer currently sits in a tie for 46th place on the all-time wins list in baseball. With 249 wins, he is tied with Hall of Famer Vic Willis, who last pitched in 1910. His next win will break that tie and put him one game behind Bob Gibson.

Moyer is third in wins among active pitchers (Tom Glavine has 305, Randy Johnson has 298).

Last year, Moyer pitched in his first World Series game. Here’s hoping he can pitch in one more this October.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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