John Mayberry Jr.: Welcome to the Big Leagues

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What a great story. John Mayberry Jr., son of former major leaguer John Mayberry, forcefully un-tied today’s Yankees-Phillies game in the fifth inning.

With two men on, Mayberry crushed an off-speed pitch to center field. His dad was in attendance, and with one fist pump in the air, celebrated his sons’ great achievement. (Or did he?…Fox showed the same guy for five minutes after the homer and claimed it was his father—only to find out it was a regular old Phillies’ fan…way to go, Fox.)

In his second at-bat in the major leagues, in Yankee Stadium nonetheless, Mayberry took Andy Pettitte deep. It was a three-run shot and made the game 4-1 in the fifth inning.

He came back to the bench and got the silent treatment from Charlie Manuel, only for Manuel and the team to congratulate him a few moments later.

As if the Phillies need another slugger…welcome to the major leagues, John Mayberry Jr.

Thus far, J.A. Happ has pitched a great game and is in line for a win, if the Phillies can keep the lead. This is Happs’ first start since being inserted into a starter’s role, after Chan Ho Park was optioned to the bullpen.

Let’s go, Phils!

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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