Why Peavy Might Accept Trade to Philly Now

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The burning question this past week: would Jake Peavy accept a trade to the Philadelphia Phillies?

I figured out the answer to that question.

Yes, he would.

This is what I believe. I think that he hasn’t said that he would or would not accept a trade to Philly, because he wanted to see how good they were in person, and after his one inning of work on Tuesday night, he figured out the answer to that question.

Here would be his response:

“As long as I don’t have to face those guys again, I’ll go!”

Peavy had the start on Tuesday against the Phillies, and lasted only one inning against the defending champions. He allowed four runs on three hits, and two walks in just one lousy inning.

Sure, maybe he had the flu, and maybe that ankle was bothering him, but it just comes to prove, the Phillies are for real, they’re contenders, and he saw that in person.

Peavy refused to answer any questions about trades until after he pitched against the Phillies. I wonder why he chose not to answer any questions until after he faced the Phillies—a team he’s been linked to lately.

Is it because he wanted to see how good the Phillies are? If he would accept a trade to Philly, is there a good enough chance to win the World Series to move his family across the United States? Maybe the reason why he only threw one inning is because he’ll be suiting up for the Phillies in the series finale against the Padres?

Lets face the facts: The Phillies are the best team in the National League, no matter what the Dodgers are doing. To me, the Phillies will remain the best team in baseball this year, until someone beats them in the playoffs, or wins that championship. That’s how it is for any team: you win the championship, you’re the best team…until someone takes it from you.

The Dodgers may be the best, record-wise in the N.L., but when push comes to shove, can they win in October against the Phillies? Who knows. Last year they proved they can’t. This year is probably a different story, but we won’t know that answer until October, when they meet in the NLCS again.

Back to Peavy. I wonder what really was going through his mind when he was walking off the mound after the first inning. Was it, “Damn, these guys are good!”

It’s a known fact that Peavy is not a fan of Citizens Bank Park, he said so two years ago. But he wants to come to a National League contender, preferably on the West Coast. The only contender on the west coast that is in the N.L. is Los Angeles, and if Peavy thinks that the Padres would trade him to L.A., he’s insane.

The only way he can go to a National League team that is a contender is if he packs his bag and move east, whether to Philly, St. Louis, Milwaukee, or even New York, to play for those measly Mets that have no chance.

Peavy, you’ll have to make your decision soon; July 31 will be here before you know it.  Do you want to stay on the West Coast and play for the Padres, who aren’t going anywhere, or do you really want to play for a contender in the National League?

The answers will come, although I doubt he’ll be a Phillie.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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