Why Jake Peavy will Never Be a Philadelphia Phillie

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I was listening to 610 WIP in Philly. One caller brought up a very good point, and I thought I would write about it.

If you were a general manager (and I think we all know Amaro is a good one so far): Would you rather have to pay $8 million a year and $52 million the next three or less than 500K a year for a player?

Would you rather have a player who already got his money or a player trying his hardest to earn a spot on the roster?

Would you rather have a player who wants to be in another National League town (Chicago) or a player who needs to prove himself enough just to get a few cracks at the big leagues?

Would you rather have a player with a no-trade clause or a player who’s been on four teams in two and a half years who really wants to stay on his fifth team?

If you’ve answered the second answer as the more logical answer, then why would you want Jake Peavy over Antonio Bastardo.

Now I know Bastardo may not be the immediate solution for the Phillies’ rotation, but it makes no sense to trade for a player.

The Phillies have quality pitching like Happ, Bastardo, Carrasco and Kendrick (maybe) in your minor leagues and on the roster who are perfectly capable of filling in.

Now a lot of you are saying that the Phillies don’t have a second pitcher in the rotation, because of Myers’ injury.

The name that comes to light is Joe Blanton. Hamels is the obvious No. 1, Joe Blanton could be the No. 2, and if Moyer stays OK, then the three top spots are filled.

The four other names mentioned above could have a battle royale to determine who fills in the last two spots. I also like J.A. Happ as the definite No. 4 and the other three could have a couple starts when they’re needed for the fifth spot.

The only bad thing that could come out of this is that Chan Ho Park returns to the rotation to fill in the void.

Park is off to live, or die, with Adam Eaton in the Phillies’ grave of shamed pitchers.

Also I really would like to see Kendrick rise to the occasion and I really hope the prank by Myers didn’t make him quit baseball.

Let’s just see, because it’s all up to Ruben and Chalie.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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