MLB On FOX: Where Have All the Quality Broadcasters Gone?

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I always used to remember, when the Phillies played on a national stage, it was a big event. Any team that gets a nationally (or partially nationally) televised game, their fans look to it as a little bigger than a local station telecast.

That being said, Eric Karros and Dick Stockton announced today’s Phillies-Dodgers game. Not only was it the worst and most awkward broadcast I have ever watched, they couldn’t even do the simple tasks of being an announcer.

I counted 13 different times where they carelessly announced the wrong pitch count. Three times, they mispronounced names. At one point they announced Greg Dobbs as Glen Dobbs.

Now, I’m not saying I could do a better job, but come on. MLB on FOX has to have their pick of the cream of the crop…right?

Not just any former player should be allowed to throw on a headset and sound like a bumbling idiot…we’ll leave that for John Madden.

This was a game between the two best teams in the major leagues, a re-match of the NLCS…am I crazy to ask for less awkward telecast? Ninety percent of the time they read directly off the screen—sometimes even incorrectly, with breaks and pauses.

Karros paused halfway through every sentence and repeated the same stats throughout. Is this Fox’s fault, careless broadcasting, or are we having a shortage of quality broadcasters?

At one point in the game Chris Rose said, “I’m here if you need me” to the two stooges in the booth. I was sitting in my living room yelling, “please Chris Rose, save them, PLEASE!”

This was the first game I actually wanted to shut off in the 10th inning—even in a tied ball game—that shouldn’t happen.

I think this is the first time I wished Erin Andrews would come in the booth and steal one of the two’s headsets.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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