Orioles Down Phillies 7-2, Time to Vent

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This isn’t going to be a game recap because I wasn’t there tonight. This is going to be a venting period.

Im tired of watching this team go through the motions every other game. I get the feeling that this team, the defending world champions of baseball, are showing up at the ballpark in Philadelphia expecting the other team to just lay down. I’ve seen it before.

I play the game, and have for over 15 years, I can tell when a team just expects to win and is not work hard at doing it.

What happened to our fans? The most passionate, hard working, victory-craving lunatics who show up and sell-out a ballpark every night to watch their Phillies play competitive baseball and want to win? Where are you right now?

I’ll tell you where your at; you’re in a corner somewhere drinking red kool-aid, because you don’t want to face the fact that this team, our beloved Phillies team, is in trouble.


75 strikeouts on this current homestand. DISGUSTING. Utterly disgraceful.

This team cannot hit in important situation as a whole, and the pitching is beyond brutal. The rotation might be the worst in baseball right now. The bullpen, although tired, stinks.

I expected much more out of this rotation and pen, as a whole, and have gotten squat-ta.

This lineup is striking-out at an alarming rate, a rate that might break records. They have to remember the basics. See the ball, look for contact. You’re gonna hit home runs boys, but first you have make sure the bat touches the ball.

Where is our GM? Our GM who everyday, and has said this in front of my face into my recorder and said that he is always on the phone, always talking to teams, and always looking for the best deal.

Obviously you’re not looking hard enough. Roy Oswalt, Washburn, Jason Marquis, and even Brad Penny are just waiting to hear their name called into the office, to tell them they have just been traded.

Do something about it. YOU owe us, the fans of the Philadelphia Phillies, answers.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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