Jay Mariotti and the Sports Blogosphere Continue to be BFFs

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Jay Mariotti - writer for FanHouseAs many of you know, I love Jay Mariotti and I greatly respect his work as a meticulous and humble conduit between sports fans and the sports that he so diligently covers.



Are you laughing yet? You should be. I’m not sure that there are three words that describe Jay Mariotti less than meticulous and humble. (And for the record, the picture to the left — courtesy of KVB’s brilliance — is both a picture of Jay Mariotti and an image of his most consistent source for information. Click here for more on this topic.)

Anyway, you may have heard that Jay Mariotti decided to write about the blogger-MSM debate yesterday on the BLOG that he now writes for: FanHouse. Predictably, Jay uses his column to spew his usual nonsensical venom at the usual suspects (bloggers, the Sun-Times) while either not realizing or not caring about the utter hypocricy and downright laughable irony of nearly every sentence in his post.

I made a promise a while back that I would never link to Jay’s work at FanHouse. However, after railing against MSM writers who discuss bloggers’ work but do not mention them by name nor link out to them, I cannot in good faith write a post about Jay without linking to the article. You see, I try my best not to be a hypocrite. So even though it breaks my solemn vow, I feel obligated to provide a link to a story that, while lame, has sparked conversation. So here it is.

Just kidding. Here is the actual link to Jay’s article.

Okay fine, for real…here is the link. Well done Jay. You must be inspired by all of the adoring comments.

Rather than point out all of the ridiculousness of Jay’s column myself, I will allow my friends in the sports blogging community to do it for me. They are probably much more eloquent and effective in doing so anyway. Plus, I have a vendetta against Jay Mariotti…a very strong personal dislike for his work and what he stands for. Let’s allow more objective folks to tackle Jay the Joke’s latest column. (I encourage you to click over and view the posts in their entirety. All are good reads.)

The Curious Case of Jay Mariotti – Blogger Bashing is Bad Journalism — (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

Here lies the main crux of this column and why I feel so angry and perplexed by the whole issue in general. Like Rosenthal and Buzz before him, Mariotti implores bloggers to uphold the journalistic standards he implies they should have. In doing so, Mariotti is alluding to the idea that bloggers are, in fact, journalists and members of the media- these same individuals he taunts as “wreckless idiots” and stretchers of truth.

Let’s lay it on the table then. Jay, are you willing to accept and treat members of the new media as your peers, uphold them the same rights, encourage your contacts in leagues, news outlets and with teams to treat them equally and fairly as they would any old-school hack, and only then reserve judgment as to whether or not they meet your industry’s self-identified standards?

Mainstream Media Continues to Forget Previous Articles Written About Steroids — (Awful Announcing)

For some reason, mainstream media members continually forget the words they wrote, if not days ago, at least a few years ago. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, what is wrong with speculating? Sports as a whole is speculation, and whether it’s who used steroids?, or will Albert Pujols win the Triple Crown?….What’s the big deal?

It’s also funny to me that someone who has been taken for task about doing zero research by both clubs in Chicago, is calling out people for laziness.

Mariotti: Will Leitch Invented Blogging, Bad Journalism — (Can’t Stop the Bleeding)

However, much as I enjoy Jay Mariotti calling out Will Leitch two years after the fact, it goes beyond mere hyperbole to claim what even Will characterized as a huge gaffe, served as any sort of inspiration to Morris. The former threw leaked information (from a less than reputable source) into a public forum and watched the shit hit the fan. The latter engaged in what was meant to be a fairly reasoned analysis of Ibanez’ career trajectory and at no point directly accused the Phillies OF of anything other than getting off to an especially hot start. While Leitch received relatively little flack from the mainstream media or his blog bro’s at the time, Morris was fed to the wolves on national TV.

Creative Writing with Jay Mariotti: ‘Bad Journalism’ — (Alana G.)

I was warned by my “blogging buddies” that Jay Mariotti’s latest piece on FanHouse might make my eyes bleed. 1) It’s an attempted assassination of blogs (on a blog… can’t we stop this blog-on-blog violence please?) 2) It’s completely misguided and about three weeks too late, and 3) It’s 1,800 words long. Well, I’ll let the other buddies tackle points one and two, but below is your solution to the length problem. I’ve taken the liberty of editing Mariotti’s piece down to less than 300 words. All of the words are from Mariotti’s original piece, and they all appear in order. I’ve just cut out a lot of the fat in the middle. You’ll still get the gist: blogs, basements, steroids, desperate media… you know the story.

As far as I’m concerned, the most laughable aspect of Jay’s column is how he lambastes blogs and blogging, yet fails to acknowledge the fact that his current home was built by bloggers. Jay continues to live in his own world where there is no accountability for past statements he has made and seemingly no intent to produce anything other than mindless drivel. Kudos to him for finding a way to get paid for it, but how long before his marriage with FanHouse ends similarly to how his marriage with the Sun-Times ended?

Roger Ebert, his former colleague, said it best last August in an open letter entitled “Jay the Rat”:

…I started here when Marshall Field and Jim Hoge were running the paper. I stayed through the Rupert Murdoch regime. I was asked, “How can you work for a Murdoch paper?” My reply was: “It’s not his paper. It’s my paper. He only owns it.” That’s the way I’ve always felt about the Sun-Times, and I still do. On your way out, don’t let the door bang you on the ass.

Your former colleague,

Roger Ebert

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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