Applaud the Philadelphia Phillies for Adding Pedro Martinez

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Maybe my memories of Pedro Martinez are inaccurate. Sure, he looked unimpressive going 5-6 last year for the New York Mets, while also collecting a 5.61 ERA.

But who else remembers how dominant Pedro’s stuff was during his tenure in Boston? As an Orioles fan, I certainly know what the three-time Cy Young winner was capable of.

The 37-year-old did not look like himself for much of last year but rumors are that the old Pedro is back. He pitched in the World Baseball Classic and looked like he was recovered from whatever was going on in the Big Apple.

According to an ESPN report, Pedro’s fastball was clocked at 93 mph during his three innings of a simulated game against a Phils’ summer league club.

The Cubs and Rays both took fliers on Martinez this spring before deciding to pass. Martinez is hoping he can prove the critics wrong and help the Phils repeat this fall. Remember, in Pedro’s heyday his fastball topped out in the low 90s so if he is back to form, count on him adding a few victories to current total of 219 wins.

Martinez will make a few minor league starts and then help stabilize one of baseball’s worst pitching rotations in Philly. The defending champs have already used nine starters through 82 games and rank 25th in the majors with a 4.61 ERA.

Even if Martinez is only a glimmer of what he used to be, he will help the Phils.

Last year in New York, I don’t think he routinely threw in the 90s and a 219-game winner that still has the same velocity and is well-rested, as well as intent on resurrecting his career, is a much better fix for the Phils than whatever they have in the minors. Even if Pedro doesn’t work out, the Phils tried.

They could still make a move at the deadline and Pedro won’t be the front of the line guy that turns around a rotation that is missing No. 2 starter Brett Myers.

Myers’ replacement (his name is not important) only lasted five starts before landing himself on the D.L.

The Phils are thin and could use a move right now, and Pedro could be a steady end-of-the-rotation pitcher. At the very least, Pedro will keep the Phils in the wide-open NL East.

Besides, don’t the Phils still have 46-year-old Jamie Moyer throwing every five days and resting in a nursing home for the other four?

The 37-year-old that supposedly rediscovered his stuff during the WBC is much more viable option than Moyer, who is currently 8-6 with a 5.99 ERA, or any other prospects the Phils have in the minors.

Pedro is back baby!

I’m penciling him in for (at least) eight wins (I think 10 is possible) and playing himself into a contract for next season. Pedro still won’t reach 300 wins, but he will add to his current total before enshrinement in Cooperstown.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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