Relax! Pedro Martinez Is Not THE Answer

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So, the reports say that Pedro Martinez has passed his physical and will sign with the Philadelphia Phillies.  Yet, many Phillies fans appear to be having a heart attack thinking that this will be the “big move” for the Phillies.   Relax, Pedro is your fifth starter.

Since Brett Myers went down for the year with an injury, the Phillies have used Antonio Bastardo and Rodrigo Lopez in his absence.   Bastardo had two nice starts before getting shelled.   Lopez has been decent in two starts, but he left his last start after five innings with a shoulder injury.

Should the Philadelphia Phillies just keep trotting out a revolving door of minor leaguers every five days?   Of course not – they must make a move.   This move is going to be Pedro Martinez.  

Why Pedro Martinez?  

There are three good reasons why this is a decent move for a contending team to fill a hole.

First, the cost is very low. 

And by low, I am not talking about the dollar amount.  To acquire a fifth starter at the expense of any marginal prospect can be a very expensive price to pay.  In this case, all the Phillies are giving up to acquire a starter is money.

Secondly, what is the worst that will happen if Martinez does not succeed?  

In the sixty-five games remaining, he will make 12 to 13 starts if all goes well.   If it does not go well, the Phillies still reach to their prospects or Rodrigo Lopez-type veterans to make starts anyway; the same kind of scrambling they are doing already.  There is no reason not to give him a shot.

Finally, Martinez’s main motivation for pitching for the Phillies is to stick it to the Mets.

Bitter that he was not given an opportunity this season, he longs to win the NL East for the rival Phillies.   

What more could a Phillies fan want?

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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