An Open Letter to Roy Halladay

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“Doc” Halladay,

I think your name has been in the paper in Philadelphia more than Andy Reid and his sons or Michael Jackson and blanket. We are looking for Christmas in July here in the city of brotherly love…you can offer us that Halladay.


Here are lucky seven reasons to move to Philadelphia.

1. You play baseball…in Canada, am I missing something?

2. We are the world champs and you are consistently one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball. What a fit…done deal.

3. Your mascot is a peaceful Blue Jay. Our’s is the best mascot in the MLB (hey, you can’t argue with ESPN) even though I don’t know what the Phanatic is.

4. Cole Hamels needs a wake up call. Grab the buzzer, cut those girly locks and get him a voice changer…then we will worry about pitching.

5. With you, and some good work from the front office, the Phillies can actually become a dynasty. Now don’t call me crazy for this, but three World Series in a row is a dynasty in my eyes and if they can keep the core, your signed through 2010.

6. Now imagine—”dream sequence”—you dig in at Citizen’s Bank Park in front of 40,000 screaming, drunk, passionate fans who want you here.

7. I want to hear Charlie Manuel call you Doc Halladay…I don’t know why.

If you don’t come, we’ll throw batteries at you during the next inter-league play set. I also heard tonight that you had a deal in the works to go to the Mets, but they turned it down. Do you realize the sh*t storm that would come down on you if you went to the Mets? What’s up Doc?!

Welcome to Philadelphia! (knock on wood)

Sincerely yours,

The City of Brotherly Love

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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