Philadelphia Phillies Ready to Become “Philly’s Team”

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No matter what, the Eagles will always be Philadelphia’s most beloved team.

The Flyers’ following is as strong as any other hockey team’s, but the Eagles dominate the local sports scene. On Sunday’s during the fall, the Eagles are on, and a victory from the Birds is the most meaningful outcome to nearly every fan within the city and it’s suburbs.

But for the next decade, there could be a new sheriff in town.

After a World Series title last season, the Phillies’ fan base was a strong as ever. But as the current season progresses, more and more of Philadelphia is falling in love with it’s baseball team.

The Phils currently have the second highest attendance percentage (percentage of capacity filled) in the major leagues, trailing only the Boston Red Sox.

Citizens Bank Park is rapidly becoming one of the single most lively and exciting parks in the country to watch a baseball game. The crowd is as into the game as any, and the team is flat out talented.

What brings fans even closer to their champions is the attitude given off by the Phillies. The 1993 National League Champion Phillies were a wild bunch, consisting of numerous characters

The Phillies of 2009 closely resemble that team.

There’s the clubhouse leader as Chase Utley, the energetic but likeable guy as Shane Victorino, the veteran figure as Jimmy Rollins, the new guy everyone admires as Raul Ibanez, and the rest. The overall team just gels so well together.

Rarely will you find too much complacency in the clubhouse. Everyone is each other’s buddy. More importantly, everyone is the manager’s buddy.

Charlie Manuel, the popular manager of the Phillies, was mocked by the majority of fans because of his awkward southern accent in his first year as manager, and even into his second season. But since, he has become an icon teetering on the verge of becoming a legend.

The players have always loved Manuel, mostly because they can trust him. He knows baseball, and he understands that throwing players under the bus isn’t the way to manage a team.

He has two simple rules: be on time, and play hard. That’s all he asks for.

Charlie Manuel is Philadelphia, and so is his team.

The Eagles continue to reign supreme as the fan favorite in the city, and that will continue for many years to come. But the current Phillies team has the ability to steal away the hearts of many fans over the next 5-10 years.

Philly fans love winners, especially those who have a personality. The Phillies are just that—winners with a personality.

But the relationship doesn’t extend solely from the fans to the players. The players admire the fans equally.

Many of the Phillies received their first World Series ring in ’08, and the love and affection shown by the fans ever since has been well recognized and thanked by the players.

There’s just an unbreakable connection between the two.

The fans can’t find much wrong to say about the Phillies, and the Phillies can’t find much wrong to say about the fans.

No one will ever knock off the three superpower fan bases in baseball—Chicago, Boston, and New York (for the Yankees)—as having the most love and desire to win for their team, but Philadelphia is making their case to be among the best fans in the league.

The days of the half-empty Veterans Stadium are long gone. Philadelphia has truly become a powerful baseball city.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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