Just What the Doctor Ordered: Roy Halladay Would Cure Phils’ Pitching Woes

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Forget mortgaging the future, the future is now for the Philadelphia Phillies.

The delicate dance that is being performed by every media expert known to man is wearing thin.  To trade young pitching prospect Kyle Drabek or not seems to be on par with all of the eternal questions asked throughout the ages. 

One thing is lost in the shuffle in this anointing of Drabek as the second coming of Cy Young is that he is young and unpolished.

Sure, Drabek is intriguing as to how his talent and skills will progress in the next two or three years. 

However, if the opportunity exists to add an established top of the rotation pitcher such as Roy Halladay, even if it is for the next year and a half, an organization would be crazy to pass up the chance to be a legitimate World Series contender for the next two seasons.

For the Phillies, now is a better time than ever to take that chance.  With the core group of players that this club possesses, the championship window is wide open. 

Would a Kyle Drabek be a great addition to this club in the future?  Possibly so.  However, consider a scenario of a rotation void of the addition of Halladay that falls short of repeating as world champions in 2009 and becomes the main fault for not returning to the postseason in 2010. 

Drabek, by all accounts, would not be a significant part of the major league club this season and more than likely for most if not all of 2010. 

Sacrificing an unknown future for a sure-fire one seems to be in many ways the safer bet.

Prospects come and go and the success rate on them is not exactly a favorable one.  Dealing Kyle Drabek could prove to be the wrong move, a stellar success, or a push. 

However, when a substantial talent like Roy Halladay can be added to help a club right now, the questioning of whether or not a prospect is worth sacrificing should not be such an agonizing contemplation.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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