Roy Halladay Would Come at a Cost

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He’s one of the greats. He could be the missing link in a potential-filled Phillies team. He could be the key to winning another World Series. But, just like any great commodity, he comes at a cost.

As rumors continue swirling regarding Roy Halladay, the Cy Young award winning ace, coming to Philadelphia, excitement continues to build. But, might that excitement be a bit premature?

The Blue Jays aren’t going to give him away.

According to the most recent reports, sources are saying that Halladay will cost the Phillies J.A. Happ, Kyle Drabek, and Dominic Brown. Now it’s up to the Phillies to take the deal or counter.

Manager Charlie Manuel addressed the situation today, when reporters asked him if Halladay was worth the Jay’s asking price.

“I like Drabek and the basic reason I say that is, when I look at him, the style of pitcher that he is, I look at his upside. I look at his tools. I look at the kind of pitcher he is—I call him a drop and drive pitcher—and I think he’s on the order of Nolan Ryan or Tom Seaver or Colon, guys like that with a real strong core, strong legs, get a big push off the rubber to produce power. It’s a style that usually makes for a long career. That’s what I see.”

Aside from Drabek, Happ would also be a significant loss to the Phils rotation. He’s been the steadiest of the Phils starters with a 7-1 record, trumping ace Cole Hamels (6-5) and every other Phils starter.

Bottom line is, you can’t ask much more from a pitcher than what Happ is giving you now. Halladay says he doesn’t want to sign an extension so he’s only good for a year-and-a-half. Happ is showing potential to be great for a long time.

Why trade the farm to get a pitcher who may only be a tad better than the one you’re giving up?

The Phils have what it takes now to be a powerhouse for a long time. But don’t take that for granted. You go trading away the farm now and the window to win narrows. That’s all Halladay does for you- give you a chance to win in a narrow window.

Why not open that window wider by keeping what you have. Maybe pick up a number three or some bullpen help.

There’s an unnecessary sense of urgency for Halladay. He’s an exciting player, but think about the cost.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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