Who’s More Expendable: Drabek Or Happ?

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As the deadline approaches the rumors are surfacing and the race for an ace continues whether it’s Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee. But it would certainly take one of these two, JA Happ and Kyle Drabek—if not both.

But the question is who is more expendable: Happ or Drabek? If you had to give up one, who would it be? The Phillies would certainly have to give up one if not both in order to acquire the much needed ace they need.


The case for keeping Happ

JA Happ has been the best pitcher in the pitching staff with a 7-1 record, posting a 2.97 ERA and a 1.18 WHIP. Happ has been crucial to the Phillies success as the other pitchers have struggled.  Happ’s thrown many quality starts including a complete-game shutout against the Toronto Blue Jays in Toronto, which means that the Blue Jays may prefer Happ.

Happ has shown great improvement and a scout said that before the season he looked like a poor man’s Andy Pettitte, but now he looks like something more than that. Another reason to keep Happ is because it is very tough to try to make a run at another World Series after subtracting a piece of your current Major league roster.


The case for keeping Drabek

Personally I think that I would rather keep Drabek, if I can. JA Happ is a No. 3 pitcher at best while Drabek projects as a top of the rotation pitcher. Kyle Drabek’s ceiling is much higher than JA Happ’s ceiling, in fact some people feel that JA Happ’s value will never be this high again, as he is pitching much better than projected.

Drabek is currently 21, while Happ turns 27 in October. Drabek is currently the best prospect in the Phillies system and some have called him the best pitching prospect since Cole Hamels. Drabek has a ton of potential, with a plus fastball and a plus curveball. Drabek has been tearing through the minor leagues after coming off a season in which he had Tommy John surgery posting a 11-2 record with a 2.78 ERA in AA and AAA.

The Blue Jays are asking for both and the Phillies seem to think that’s too much, but even a trade for Cliff Lee would involve Kyle Drabek. The Phillies have made it no secret that they would rather keep Drabek than Happ as they proposed a counter offer that included Happ not Drabek.

So my question to you guys in who would you rather keep, JA Happ or Kyle Drabek?

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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