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Yesterday, I went to the Red Sox-Orioles game in Baltimore. It was my first time going to Camden Yards, and I had a fun time.


I didn’t go because I’m a Red Sox fan or an Orioles fan. I went because I have a goal to visit every Major League Baseball stadium. It will be a fun goal to reach.


But I noticed a few things at the game.


  1. The Orioles don’t have a very large fan base.
  2. There were more Red Sox fans than Orioles fans.
  3. Red Sox fans are loud.


I already knew those three things, but it was interesting to see it in person.


But I noticed a fourth thing, something I didn’t think I would see at the ballpark.


I saw other Phillies fans.


I was wearing my Phillies t-shirt and hat, and thought I would stick out like a sore thumb.


I didn’t care because I love the Phillies.


I saw a good number of Phillies fans at the game.


I also saw one Yankees fan who had a sign reading “2004*, 2007*”. Some Red Sox fans came and ripped it and yelled at the guy.


This proves a few things.


It proves that Phillies fans are unscathed by Red Sox Nation.


It proves that Phillies fans will always represent their team, even when they are not playing.


Finally, it proves that the Phillies have one of the largest fan bases in baseball.


Do you honestly think that most of those Red Sox fans came from Boston?

In my mind, Red Sox Nation is a disease that is spreading across the country. It is clear that baseball fans from cities that don’t have very good teams are switching over to the Red Sox. But why?


They are a good team, but how can people be so disloyal? They’re fair weather fans.


Sure, when a Phillies player is in a slump, we boo. But that’s just the way Phillies fans are.


We can’t help it.


I am always loyal to Phillies. In all my time as a Phillies fan, I can’t recall a time I’ve booed.


Anyway, my point is that the Phillies fan base is growing. They will always be a good team, and they will always have fans.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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