As Philadelphia Phillies Look Up Towards Playoffs, Rotation Is Anyone Guess

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New flash, Nolan Ryan is coming out of retirement and trying out for the Phillies.

Just kidding.

As much kidding as I am doing, it is not a bad problem, but just a confusing one.

They are having Jamie Moyer take his regular start against the the Florida Marlins on Sunday against Josh Johnson. Moyer is 13-2 lifetime against the Marlins, so it makes sense to give him a chance. There is no reason for him not to take his regular turn.


The problem here is that when the Phillies signed Pedro Martinez, they were almost set to trade away J.A. Happ as part of the deal for Roy Halladay. Halladay stayed in Toronto and instead the Phillies got Cliff Lee from the Indians.

I am not displeased with the trade, quite the contrary. But with Happ still on the team and Martinez ready to start in the bigs for the Phillies, the team will potentially have six starters on the team: Lee, Cole Hamels, Joe Blanton, Happ, Moyer and Martinez.

The only thing it kinda reminds me of is spring training, shown above. ‘Member, when Chan Ho Park beat out Happ for the fifth starter spot? Are they gonna have Moyer and Martinez make in season attempts to win the fifth start? And what happens if Brett Myers come back?

Well, the Phillies do play 22 games in the next 24 days in August and have two doubleheaders scheduled in September.

Seriously though, I think the Phillies know the answer, but just are not telling anyone. What the heck was the deal with General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. telling the media that Happ was staying in the rotation?

What the heck was that about? Surely, it’s got Charlie Manuel’s tongue. Nada, zip about the situation from the skipper.

The dogs days of August are upon us and the Phillies are hitting the ball again. They still are too home run dependent and it may hurt them in the playoffs.

Things will work out. I am sure of it. The Phillies have a 7-game lead over the visiting Marlin, who got swept by the Nats. What was that about?

The Phillies surely will earn the National League East crown, but all opponents, not just the Mets, are folding like a house of cards.

Bring out the popcorn. I am ready for the march to the East to begin for the third straight season.

But if the Phillies are going to make any noise in the playoffs this year, they have better get this starting pitching staff straightened out.

And I wouldn’t put it past Jamie Moyer to pitch a whale of a game on Sunday … Remember the World Series last year?

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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