Where Is The Outrage?

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How comes fans aren’t calling Cubs’ fans “classless” or “the worst” because of what happened tonight, as Philadelphia so often hears.

The incident occurred in the bottom of the fifth with bases loaded and the Phillies leading 12-1. Jake Fox hit a long fly ball and Shane Victorino made the catch on the warning track.

As Victorino made the catch, a beer thrown by a fan hit him in the back.

The incident luckily was relatively minor. The same play would have occurred regardless of the thrown beer, and security took the man away rather quickly. 

However, what if this caused the ball to drop or hit him in the head? 

If this happened in Philadelphia all hell would have broken loose. ESPN would be running cover stories on it and they would have the top 10 Philadelphia fan moments which would include Michael Irvin, Santa, JD Drew, Tie Domi and the most recent incident involving the death of a fan outside the stadium.

Chicago fans are going to try and defend themselves by claiming that it was only one fan. Well so was the Tie Domi incident and 98 percent of other “incidents” which are reasons why Philly is deemed the home of the worst fans. 

A few weeks ago, a laser pointer showed up at the Philadelphia-St. Louis game. Now I do not condone this and thought it was absurd someone would do it. But there was massive outcry about how despicable Philly fans are. A quick search on Google will get over 10 pages worth of hits. 

Will there be the same number of stories, Web sites and videos devoted to this incident? Probably not.


Simply put, it did not happen in Philadelphia and happened to a Philadelphia player. So the rest of the baseball and sporting world will probably just shrug it off. Honestly, I cannot think of one time where a fan threw a beer at a player during play in Philadelphia.

Is the beer going to cause the same controversy? No!


Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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