Jamie Moyer Proves Worth Against D’Backs

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You can adjust your eyes. Jamie Moyer overshadowed Pedro Martinez in a twist of irony. 


Pedro Martinez was in the spotlight for his home debut, but the rain washed away his starting performance for Jamie Moyer to rise from the ashes as a reliever.


Whether Moyer had fire in his belly or that the Arizona Diamondbacks were rusty from the delay, some magic settled in for his surprising strong performance, his first bullpen appearance since 1996 as a Seattle Mariner. Six innings pitched, two hits allowed, and five strikeouts by the venerable lefty helped earn his team-leading 11th victory.  


Persevering through the buzz of Cliff Lee and Pedro Martinez arriving in July, Moyer lost his job in the process. Pitching from the fourth inning onward to the ninth Tuesday night, Moyer showcased what he still has to offer. Is it an indicator for how Charlie Manuel should use him?


The prime examples can be when impending double headers September 13 hosting the New York Mets and September 22 at the Florida Marlins. Brushing aside the six-man rotation and the unlikelihood of J.A. Happ sent down, the Phillies may have found the perfect solution down the stretch. The key is Moyer’s happiness.


After his domination of the Diamondbacks, though, it may have been letting a hungry lion out of his cage. He feasted on everything and the young Diamondback hitters were his prey. He may have wanted to prove to General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. a point since he has nothing more to lose. If Amaro is truly obliged, then there will be positive results come October.





Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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