Front Office Exec Loses Phillies World Series Ring

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Here’s a little quiz for all of you baseball fanatics out there… 

Question: If you’re lucky enough to get a job with a Major League Baseball team and that team not only wins the World Series, but deems you important enough to get a ring, should you or should you not wear it everyday?

Answer: No

Question: If you do decide to wear your $11,000 ring with 103 diamonds on it everyday, should you take it off in the men’s room?

Answer: No

Question: Finally, If you do take it off in the men’s room, should you put it back on?

Answer:  Duh.

Just such a set of mistakes was made by a  Phillies “Executive” (read: “a suit in the marketing department who made the ring list”) yesterday.  When asked for comment, the individual chose use the word “stolen,” which is technically accurate.  When you leave a diamond studded World Series ring in the can, someone’s gonna take it.

The team has not released the name of the loser…of the ring. 

According to news reports the ring is indeed officially considered lost and not stolen.  Police are investigating the matter and have apparently reviewed security camera recordings and spoken with other employees. 

So far the police have identified no suspects. No word on how anyone could be that stupid and still have a job that cool.



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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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