Funkadelphia: When Are the Phillies Going to Snap Out of It?

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The Philadelphia Phillies have lost three straight games, all against the Houston Astros. In each of their last six games, they have not scored more than four runs.

That being said, their NL East lead is 6.5 games over the Florida Marlin, who lost to the Nationals on Sunday.

Take a breath. It will be OK.

The upsetting thing, besides the hot button Brad Lidge, is the team’s lack of offense.

Ryan Howard hasn’t hit a home run in a week but is hitting a healthy .273. Raul Ibanez got two hits in yesterday’s game. Shane Victorino is day-to-day, but Jayson Werth is healthy.

The Phillies finish up today with J.A. Happ, 10-4, facing Brian Moehler, 8-10. The Phillies travel up to Washington and then go home for a weekend series against the Mets.

The Washington series could be a “trap” series, with the Phillies losing all three games or two of three. However, the team is too good for that.

I believe the funk will end in Washington.

Looking further into the month, the Phillies have games against both the Braves and Marlins. It is time to put the pedal to the metal.

I think Howard has cooled down. He just needs another two-homer game to get on track.

A commentator on radio thought that both Lidge, with his knee, and Ibanez, with his groin, are not 100 percent.

Give Brett Myers a chance to close a game or two, but you have to pitch Lidge during the stretch. The Phillies made too much of an investment in Lidge, as he is on the second season of a three-year deal.

You knew that Lidge could not be perfect again. His 10 blown saves leads the league. As I texted my buddy after Saturday’s 5-4 loss: “BS, two runs, loss. Arf.”

If they were playing the Cardinals and the Dodgers, they might be in trouble.

You’ve got to get this last one in Houston, feast on the Nationals, and put the Braves and Marlins further away.

Do I feel in my gut that it is gonna to happen anytime soon? No. But this team has proved me wrong before.

Chase Utley and Werth will have to lead the charge. Pedro Feliz and Carlos Ruiz can have clutch individual games.

The offensive funk may last another game or two.

Funkadelphia is normal Negadelphia, and it depends on who does worse—the Phillies or the Eagles—for where the Funkmobile will park.

How bad is it? Stinking Chris Coste, now on the Astros, is dissing the team. Come on. Snap out of it.

An aside: Did you notice in Saturday’s game that three ex-Phillies came to the plate in consecutive at-bats? Jason Michaels, Coste, and Michael Bourn.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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