Fantasy Baseball Short: Yahoo Owners Beware!

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In the world of Fantasy baseball, there are just as many predictable aspects of player movements and player performance, as there are mind-boggling moves on the part of the manager.

Why do I mention this?

Well, I recently came across a startling message posted on the Yahoo message board within the front page that read something like this: Pedro Martinez has been dropped by 1,922 teams.

Really? This is how managers are handling the emergence of Martinez as he makes his way back into baseball?

I suppose, a large portion of this can be attributed to managers looking to finding a good spot pitcher to help bolster their playoff spot.

I can imagine that maybe the sudden slump of the Phillies in general perhaps had something to do with it, but 1,922 teams?

C’mon people! This is September first of all, and if you think there is anyone left on the wire that is going to be a better option in the playoff realm—one that will last game in and game out that is—you are kidding yourself.

In case everyone is NOT paying attention, Pedro is 3-0 out of five contests, with a 1.09 WHIP while sporting 23 strikes and only 3 walks; correct me if I am wrong, but that is pretty damn good for someone who has been out of the mix for a year or so.

Tonight he will get the Nationals—all apologies for those who get this late—then it is on to the Mets again, the Braves and the Brew crew; he will be fine trust me!

Pedro is a really good pitcher, and he will undoubtedly only get better like a fine wine that has been aired just right.

But wait, what about those of you who haven’t yet jumped on the Martinez train? Well, now is your chance apparently, and I would make the most of his sudden drop in ownership.

Just like the old Flavor-Flav/Public Enemy song “Don’t Believe the Hype” do not follow the masses here; I’m tellin’ ya, he is going to be a cash-cow for those of you looking for a solid LONGTERM addition to your roster as you try to make a push for a playoff spot; this guy is Mr. Clutch.

Don’t worry about the Phillies sudden slump either as this is pretty much par-for-the-course, and as hard as it is, don’t worry about the closing position cause the Phillies are not going to wait forever for Lidge to get his mojo back—and if you look at him historically he more than likely will not—so I say go for it!

The moral of the story here is simply this: If you are not in the top three in your league right now, chances are a good QUALITY long-term pitcher will definitely help your team, NOT your spot. But you spot doesn’t matter if you have the right players in the right situations against the right competitors—especially in the playoffs!


Around the League

Ryan Madson-RP-Phi has been slumping as of late and it could be due to his Oblique strain so stay clear of the boy, Mike CameronOF-Mil is slated for a Sept. 11th return from a mild hamstring injury while Josh Hamilton-OF-Tex is day to day with a pinched nerve.

Houston Street-RP-Hou is still battling biceps tendinitis, and although he is slated for the 11th or 12, I would use sever caution with him since the Astros are not really disclosing too much on his current status, and finally, Seth Smith-OF-Col has had a pretty good introduction to MLB as a Rockie, but the problem here is that, Colorado will still have to decide AND make room for Gonzalez and/or Fowler relegating Smith useless in about two or three days.

Stay away from the hype, but for those of you in keeper leagues he is definitely an intriguing player to consider.

As always, good luck to everyone as we all approach the end of the season!

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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