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Last year, I went 4-for-4 in predicting the American League and National League Division Series. I thought they were some of the easiest matchups to predict in quite some time.

This year? Not so much.

This year’s matchups are pretty tough. But after playing out some scenarios in my mind for the last week, I am pretty confident in my Division Series picks.

Here are my predictions for the NLDS. I will give my ALDS predictions once the Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers decide their fate tonight.

* means if necessary.


Colorado Rockies vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Game 1: Wednesday, Oct. 7 2:37 ET. Ubaldo Jimenez vs Cole Hamels

Game 2: Thursday, Oct. 8 2:37 ET. Aaron Cook vs Cliff Lee

Game 3: Saturday, Oct. 10 9:37 ET. Joe Blanton vs TBD

Game 4*: Sunday, Oct. 11 TBD. TBD vs TBD

Game 5*: Tuesday, Oct. 13 TBD. TBD vs TBD

Prediction: This is a rematch of the 2007 NLDS where the Rockies wiped the floor with the Phillies. Do I think the Rockies are going to wipe the floor with the Phillies again? No, I don’t.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t think they won’t win the series.

I think the Rockies are the most complete team in the NL. If you can find a weakness on this team, I would love to hear it, because right now I can’t find one.

Their starting rotation goes five deep (depending on the health of Jorge De La Rosa), they have a solid bullpen, one of the best lineups in the NL, and they are one of the better defensive teams in baseball.

The best thing about Rockies however, might be their bench. They have the best bench of any team in the playoffs, far and away.

Look at the possible bench against righty Joe Blanton in Game Three: Seth Smith, Jason Giambi, Ryan Spilborghs, Chris Iannetta, and Garrett Atkins.

That is one sick bench.

The Phillies are the defending champs, have one of the best lineups in baseball, and have a great one-two punch in Hamels and Lee. While this is all great, their bullpen is a clown show.

They won’t have JC Romero and Chan Ho Park in this series, and JA Happ may or may not start Game Four. Charlie Manuel is in a tough spot with Happ.

If he starts Happ in Game Four, then Manuel takes away from his bullpen. I think Happ should close for the Phillies in the playoffs.

If Manuel puts Happ in the pen, then he will have to start a fried Pedro Martinez in Game Four.

Tough call for Manuel.

Here is how I think the series goes. The Rockies and Phillies will split games one and two and then the Rockies will torch Blanton and Pedro in Games Three and Four.

The Phillies need to win the first two games at home, and I don’t think they will.

Rockies in Four


St. Louis Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Game 1: Wednesday, Oct. 7 9:37 ET. Chris Carpenter vs Randy Wolf

Game 2: Thursday, Oct. 8 TBD. Adam Wainwright vs Clayton Kershaw

Game 3: Saturday, Oct. 10 6:07 ET. TBD vs Joel Pineiro

Game 4*: Sunday, Oct. 11 TBD. TBD vs TBD

Game 5* Tuesday, Oct. 13 TBD. TBD vs TBD

Prediction: I have the same feeling towards this series as I did for the Chicago Cubs and Dodgers series last year. The Cubs had the best record in the NL last year and started Ryan Dempster in Game One.

I kept thinking to myself the best team in the league is starting Ryan Dempster in Game One? No thanks. I thought the Dodgers would win the series and they did.

Unfortunately for the Dodgers, the shoe is on the other foot this year. Is the team with the best record in the NL really starting Randy Wolf in Game One?

Pitchers like Dempster and Wolf are like those silly Miller Lite commercials. You know the ones where they talk what greatness tastes like and what amazing hops are in Miller Lite.

I always think to myself watching those commercials: at the end of the day, it’s just Miller Lite. College kids drink it because it’s cheap. Who ever drank Miller Lite at a frat party and said “Wow, those hops are awesome!!!”

That’s Randy Wolf. You can give me all the stats in the world and tell me how great he is, but at the end of the day he is just Randy Wolf.

The biggest concern for the Cardinals in this series will be the bullpen. Ryan Franklin was awful in September and they don’t have a dominant eighth-inning guy, which is key in the post-season.

However, I think Tony La Russa will push Carpenter and Wainwright as far as he can to cover up for the lack of power arms in the pen.

Cardinals in Four.

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