Pedro to Get the Nod for Game Three

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Charlie Manuel decided to go with Pedro Martinez for game three, no surprise.

However my problem is that Manuel maybe over-managed the game. The reality is Charlie Manuel threw two starters in JA Happ and Joe Blanton, while they were losing. I’d rather see this happen while Manuel was trying to eat innings to get it to the ninth.

Why not go with Durbin or Madson who both tend to eat innings while the Phillies are behind?

Now Pedro Martinez will have to pitch in cold weather conditions that may include some snow. Pedro is built for the big moment, however in Pedro hasn’t pitched since September 30th, and in his last two starts Pedro has given up a combined 13 runs in seven innings.

The good news is that there is a shot the game gets pushed back due to the possibility of the aforementioned snow. Another note is that Joe Blanton pitched only 19 pitches—basically a warm up session. JA Happ only pitched four pitches and hopefully the knee is fine.

Taking the hill for the Rockies will be 27 year old Jason Hammel. For the season Hammel posted a 10-8 record with a 4.33 ERA.

Over the course of the regular season Hammel had two starts against the Phillies, his first start against the Phillies was on April 11th where he went two-and-two-thirds with five hits while his second start against the Phillies was on August 4th, in which he went six and two thirds with nine hits and three earned allowed.

In Game 2 the Phillies simply didn’t hit Aaron Cook; they didn’t do what they did in game one which was to manufacture runs. The Phillies were too reliant on the home run while Colorado’s top of the order, with Dexter Fowler and Gonzalez, were playing National League baseball and creating runs. The Phillies need to manufacture runs early, and try to get to Hammel early in the game.

Although the Phillies lost and they are going to Colorado, expectations remain high, and it is not time to panic in Philadelphia.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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