NLDS Game Three Postponed Due to Snow

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Major League Baseball announced early this morning that Saturday night’s game will be postponed. Game three will be played during the scheduled time for game four, Sunday night at 8:07 Mountain Time.

Game time temperatures were supposed to be in the mid-20’s.

Major League Baseball made a good call with this decision. Baseball is not meant to be played in the extreme cold. Especially in such a pivotal game. With snow flying and temperatures below freezing, the integrity of the game is compromised.

While the decision was smart by Major League Baseball, it benefits the Phillies in a big way. Instead of having to pitch Pedro Martinez in game three, the Phillies have the option of going with JA Happ, the likely NL Rookie of the Year winner after going 12-4. Happ shutout the Rockies in August, and is another lefty that the Rockies struggle with. After Happ, Cliff Lee, game one’s starter, will be on normal rest and ready to go for game four.

It allows the Phillies to hide their shaky bullpen for possibly the duration of the series.

For Rockies fans it would be easy to complain about the bad break. However, the fact of the matter is, if the Rockies want to be the best team they are going to have to beat the best teams and their best pitchers. They have now had a good look at Lee. He has thrown two games against them dating back to early August. His pitches should not be a surprise to the Rockies anymore.

The Rockies must take advantage of their home park, where they play very well, and get to Happ or Pedro Martinez if Charlie Manual elects to stay with the righty, early in the game. Winning game three would allow the Rockies to play more relaxed, knowing that they only need to win one of the next two games.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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