Ryan Howard is a Post Season Beast

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Ryan Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies is just a Beast in the post-season plain and simple. Howard with only 24 post-season games in his career has 22 RBIs and fivehHome runs at the heart of a tough Phillies Lineup. I think Howard who is more known for his regular season stats is starting to get recognized for his ability to perform in the playoffs. Ryan Howard has hit an average of 49.5 home runs over the past four regular seasons  for the Phillies. 

Ryan Continues to improve every year as he gains a little more October playoff seasoning. In 2007 vs. the Rockies he hit only 250 with seven strikeouts in three games and the Phillies were swept by Colorado. In 2008 he hit 269 with three home runs and 11 walks with nine RBIs as the Phillies went on to beat the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series. In 2009  he is hitting 385 with 12 RBIs and driven in at least one run in each of the seven games.  I think the Phillies go where Howard takes them and its fun to watch this new October superstar perform with the whole world watching.

Ryan Howard does not win every game himself as the Phillies have a very deep and effective lineup with some really good starting pitching. I don’t think it can be denied that Howard is the engine that gets the Phillies train moving. The funny thing as you watch him in each post season seems to be is he is getting better and more comfortable each year. If Howard express can keep performing and improving he will have a league championship MVP in his future. The Phillies are still the Champs and Mr. Howard is doing everything he can to defend the title.

The Phillies are currently up two games to one over the Dodgers in the best of seven series.

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