To Rule Out Phillies Is an Understatement: Lee Too Extraordinary

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His challenge arrived ever so quickly amid an epic duel unimaginably surprising at a time baseball extends to November, reducing our interest as we direct our full attention on football and basketball. 

But in a city, where baseball devotees are warned, courtesy of Doppler reports, the rabid and starved New York crowd couldn’t care less about getting drenched in October madness. When it pertains to the Yankees, especially after a World Series drought delayed mystique and prestige, fans will attend witnessing their boys in pinstripes attempt adding to a gratifying tradition.

Unfortunately, on a night when it seemed the Yankees were fitted naming the next Mr. October, it turned into the Phillies favor. The emergence of Cliff Lee is suddenly startling the entire world, instantly petrifying a confident crowd seated faithfully in the cozy seats inside the colossal Yankees Stadium, where an epic classical is expected to deliver thrills for the ages. It’s happening in a year Philadelphia is on verge of sustaining back-to-back greatness, since the Cincinnati Reds accomplished such a historic sequence.

The former Cy Young Award winner is the centerpiece to the Phillies unforeseen return to the World Series, starved to attain a legitimate appetizer of holding the gleaming prize, like most of his teammates last season when experiencing a joyful moment. 

It’s an understatement to dismiss the Phillies over the Yankees, a world favorite as masses clearly are brainwashed for the total of titles amassed and mystique, which symbolizes America’s team.

Let’s not fail realizing that Lee out performed his old partner and longtime teammate CC Sabathia, indications of how evenly match the Phillies rotation might be. This series can potentially last seven games, meaning the entire nation will probably witness one of the greatest pitching duels in the World Series. Without taking a guess, the two clubs will start each of their aces in a pivotal Game Seven.

For much of the postseason, Sabathia and Lee have thrown effectively, pitching like no other, proficient enough to dominate in critical situation. First, the Yankees must strike in Game Two for legitimate hopes to contend with the defending champs whose impeccable pitching heroics continue to aid Philadelphia, thriving and overcoming adversity in the regular-season.

At Yankee Stadium, the newly palace, where fans wear ponchos keeping dry, was silent enough hearing the velocity of Lee’s deadly changeup or his deliverance of the breaking ball. These days, of course, paying attention to Lee is easier unlike before when he spent ample of seasons, throwing unhittable curveballs for the dreadful Cleveland Indians.

So, the opportunity to showcase his pitching prowess on a superior club merits notability, intimidating the hottest hitter in baseball, Alex Rodriguez on his invincible changeup and Mark Teixeira was hitless as well, failing to catch up to an indomitable changeup.

Lee contained the hottest team in baseball, with an unbelievable performance this postseason, if not the most memorable postseason outing. The monster statistics are staggering, maintaining an all-time low ERA of 0.54. Is that invincible enough?

Let’s mention his 3-0 start, quickly emerging to stardom in a city where the cheese steaks exist, and where Lee throws heaters scorching greater than a Philly cheese steak on the grill. His impressive performance disappointed the Yankees in their first ever World Series game played at their new stadium.

That’s anything but exciting, when fans could debate that Sabathia had a stellar postseason. Don’t forget he shut down the Los Angeles Angels with his ferocious fastball, putting a freeze on the hottest offense in the regular-season. Throughout, his postseason experience, he kept fans wearing pinstripes warm by throwing flame-throwers, and stopped the Angels for showcasing their aggressive base running.

Even though, the Yankees might have a bit more star power, Lee’s outstanding mechanics demonstrates different features. It’s a bit similar to last season, when the Phillies were led by the sound left-hander who emerged into a legendary icon and earned MVP honors.

Cole Hamels was unhittable, ridiculously nailing pitches inside, located near the corners of home plate. Well, this year, the surprising hero is Lee. He’s pitching wonderfully, named your new Mr. October.

Fittingly, is to know what is at stake. That being said, Lee’s complete-game, 10-strikeout, six-hit spectacle is for all the reason manager Charlie Manuel should consider starting the strikeout expert on three-day rest if necessary.

After slowing down A-Rod, who overnight earned his nickname back, overcame a hideous scandal and finally flourished and rejuvenated tradition in the postseason, it’s probable to happen suggesting Lee returns to the mound on short rest.

It’s not a simple task, stifling evidently a steroid-free slugger. In the postseason alone, A-Rod numbers were more terrifying than Freddy and Jason, hitting a staggering .438 with five homers and 12 RBI, but not when there’s a gifted ace as perilous as Lee.

Knowingly, the Phillies were in desperate need of a top-notch ace to solidify a feeble rotation. The front office had good sense, pulling off the surprising blockbuster deal and stole Lee from Cleveland.


Yes, the Phillies were smarter than any organization before the non-waiver trade deadline came to an official close. Their initiative plans was to obtain Toronto’s ace Roy Halladay, but the deal was withdrawn when embattled and then-general manager J.P. Ricciardi’s prices were too steep for getting a deal done. There are certainly no regrets, finding out that Lee is the centerpiece to their dominant postseason.

In two seasons, the Phillies are 17-4. That’s the greatest streak in NL history, mainly because of their ability to retire opposing hitters. But the offense compiles hits whenever necessary, sort of like last night when Chase Utley drilled two solo homers off Sabathia, which changed morale of the game.

And later to break opening a nice lead, Raul Ibanez redeemed himself of a bases-loaded situation that could have created damage earlier in the contest by lacing a two-run single. It extended the lead and finalized a 6-1 victory, stunning the entire state of New York.

Currently, Philly cheese steaks are much tastier than a New York steak. Seems on this night, Lee got the best of CC concerning and disappointing an entire city. So, belittling the Phillies is a mistake, and ignoring the unthinkable arm of the invincible lefty.

Clearly, as things appear now, he’s a better ace throwing like a legend and World Series MVP. Just think, if the Phillies win the next three games, he’ll be named the Most Valuable Player.

There’s no need to start conversations. Just watch, Lee.

He’s extraordinary.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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