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> And we’re back, because this has gone so well the last two times I’ve tried this. Stout heart! Firm belief! Cliff Lee! I might also still be drunk.

> In that all important portion of the game where I’m not really watching due to being a less than totally worthless Dad, the Phils took a big early lead on the continued relentless awesomeness of Chase Utley. Has there ever been an MVP from a team that lost in five games? Chase could be the first. From looking at the play by play track, the continuing troubles of vast portions of the Yankee lineup—really, it’s been more timely hitting and fortunate bloops than blasts—kept them taking a big early lead.

> In the fifth inning, the Yankees used Eric Hinske as a pinch hitter, who Philly fans remember fondly for his series-ending at bat as a Ray last year. Unfortunately for fans of history and/or nice memories, former Phillies OF Greg Luzinski exists and has a barbecue stand, which trumps such matters for Fox. Somehow, I’m thinking that if things were reversed, we’d have heard about this.

> Brett Gardner got his full Aaron Rowand on with a wall-slamming catch to open the fifth on a 400-plus foot out by Jayson Werth. For no good reason, Jayson decided to circle the bases on the out, which is one of those goofy moments that seem to endear the Phillies to Tim McCarver. Then again, McCarver seems to amuse easily.

> In the sixth, Lee stranded a runner with just his second strikeout of the night, and his pitch count is getting high enough that we all know that he’s not working nine tonight. Besides, a theoretical Game 7 would happen on his throwing day. So, um, more runs would be nice. Besides, you’re playing against a freaking bomb squad. A two-out single and advance by Rollins dies there, and it’s 6-2 Phillies after six.

> Hey, America! Did you know that you can get a cheese steak in Philadelphia? If you did, did you enjoy the federally mandated video of a guy making a cheese steak?

One fine year, I swear, some video team for some sports network is going to show someone making a soft pretzel. Or a Tastykake. Or a hoagie. Honestly, America, we eat all kinds of food that tastes awesome, but will make you obese and/or dead. I know, seems impossible, and yet IT’S TRUE. There is also, I am sure you will be amazed to hear this, more to see in town than an old cracked bell. Really.

> In the seventh, Posada tried to step out and waste more time, the way that he’s been doing all series long on both offense and defense, and the umpire had none of it. Lee with the three-pitch strikeout, and the only way that could have made Philly Fan happier was if Jorge had gotten ejected, and then gone insane with rage, killing The Centaur and Brad Lidge in his accidental fury. But the strikeout was nice, too. Jerry Hairston swung on a 3-1 pitch (thank you), popping it up for the out (even more thanks). Lee then shafted Jeter on a pop up to second, and we’re six outs away from Game 6.

> Phil Coke entered the game in the seventh, and Chase Utley treated him like just about every other pitcher in this series by crushing a home run to right. In five games, he’s got five home runs, and is now tied Reggie Jackson for the most home runs in a World Series. It’s just crazy to me that anyone is throwing him anything close to the plate right now, and I know Yankee fans that are just begging for someone, anyone, to hit him with a pitch to get him off the hot streak. In the very next at bat on the other side of the coin, Howard fans for his Series-tying record of the most whiffs. It’s a funny game. Watch it long enough, you see some things… including Raul Ibanez just destroying a ball to right. Not exactly the best night of Phil Coke’s life. 8-2, home team.

> Positives for the Yanks tonight: Phil Hughes looked good. They are very likely to not face Cliff Lee again. Jeter and Damon are continuing to set the table. That’s about it.

> Manuel pulled Victorino in the top of the eighth, to the visible consternation of Shane, who I think was expecting Ben Francisco to be coming in for Ibanez, which is the usual defensive substitution. I get that Victorino could use the time off given the earlier HBP, but I’m not sure thirty minutes would make that much difference. And if you are paranoid enough to send Lee out there with the six run lead…well, I’m not the manager. And the inevitable Teixeira double to left, which Francisco might have kept to a single…gahhh. Ibanez then fails to catch a line drive to left for an A-Rod double, scoring two. GAHHHHH. Lee’s night ends, it’s 8-4 Phils, and it’ll be Chan Ho Park time. The Yankees never make it easy.

> Park gets Swisher to ground out to Utley, moving A-Rod to third. Cano pops up to shallow center and the throw from Francisco is weak and late, and good grief, is that really three runs in this inning from the failure to put Francisco in left? I’m having Danny Ozark flashbacks here, and that was over 30 years ago. I blame Fox for the Luzinski footage. Park does the job with a third out, and if the Yankees are going to rally in the ninth, they’ll have to do it from the 8-9-1 slot. And yes, I’d leave Park out there.

> Chooch Ruiz led off the eighth with a single in his bid for a drama-free ninth, but Matt Stairs had to continue to be a guy that really needs to retire with a dribbler for a double play. A quick ground out by Rollins, and that’s eight innings. Manuel then heard the prayers of every Phillies fan by not bringing in Brad Lidge; hopefully, Madson finishes the deal by actually throwing strikes, despite Tim McCarver’s ultimate whammy jinx of saying he won’t walk guys like Lidge does. Of course, he then went 3-1 on the leadoff hitter (Posada), before giving up a near home run to right for a double. GAHHH.

> Fox ups the ante on the collapse by saying how no team in Series history has ever come back from 3 down in the ninth. Matsui came on to pinch hit. I think I’d rather be watching the MNF game. Madson wild inside to go to 2-1; he looks like he’s overthrowing to me, and Matsui promptly singles to left to bring up Jeter as the tying run. Just Kill Me.

> Lidge up with Scott Eyre. Madson throws ball one to Jeter, low. McCarver goes for even bigger jinx by pointing out that Howard is holding the runner on, leaving a hole open. 2-0, then a get over fastball that Jeter watches for 2-1. And holy hell, Jeter actually grounds into a double play, and we’re an out away from this being over. That won’t go on his Cooperstown reel.

> Damon again, just like last night. Strike one is nice on the inside corner. Strike two is electric and better. Crowd feeling it. An excuse me nick for a foul. Another wasted low and away. Up and away, Damon doesn’t chase, ball one. Inside for ball two, and dammit, I’ve seen this movie before, especially the part where the SOB gets to first base on a single. And to think the guy’s worst year as a pro was his only year in Oakland.

> Teixeira up, and I’m a little surprised Madson is still in there; you could go to Eyre here, but no. Madson gets ahead 0-2 as Damon takes second on indifference. Second time this inning that the home team is a strike away…and this time, it ends. Madson gets Teixeira to chase, and for the first time in forever, the Series will go (at least) six games.

> I’m not going to look a Yankee loss in the mouth, but this one just didn’t have the feel of a World Series game to me. It’s stretching the point to say that the Yanks rolled over or didn’t want to close it out tonight; no team has the hubris to prolong a series to win in front of their own fans. But they certainly didn’t seem to be the relentless team of Game 3 or Game 4. Then again, Cliff Lee has that effect on people.

> Lee goes to 4-0 in the post-season, 2-0 in the Series. Madson with the ugly save, Utley with the heroics, and yet I can’t help but feel that this was more of a survive than a win. Game Six is Wednesday, and looks like Pettite on three days rest versus Pedro Martinez. Oh, The Hype.

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