A Game Six Classic In The Making

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Hollywood would be hard pressed to write a better script than the one we have today in real life.

The New York Yankees go after their 27th World Title in the spanking brand new $1.2 billion stadium replica of the House That Ruth Built. They will attempt this monumental feat on the back of 37-year old Andy Pettitte, who has won more postseason games than anyone else in the history of the sport.

He will face the legendary Pedro Martinez, undoubtedly the finest pitcher of his generation in the very twilight of his career. Most of us believed that Pedro’s remarkable career was over when he didn’t receive any offers coming out of spring training this year despite his fine showing in the World Baseball Classic.

I was besides myself for the Mets not to pick up Pedro as their pitching fell apart early enough in the season to perhaps make a difference in their miserable season. However, they, along with the rest of the league passed on Pedro until July, when the Phillies already sensing another appearance in the postseason took on Pedro and Cliff Lee.

We all know what has happened since.

Tonight’s matchup is classic because it’s not two guns firing 95 mph darts at the opposing batters, but two crafty older and experience pitchers who have learned to change their styles over the years to remain effective. Pettitte will still bore you inside until he either breaks your bat or breaks your fingers.

Martinez will throw his patented circle change at 76 MPH after putting one under your chin at 90 or 91 MPH.

Pettitte goes on a three days rest which has worked so far for C.C. Sabathia but not for A.J. Burnett. If Pettitte can’t get the job done tonight, the Yanks will turn to their ace C.C. Sabathia again on three days rest to complete the series victory for New York.

Game Seven, if there is to be one for the Phillies will see Cole Hamels try to make redemption to his teammates and the Philadelphia faithful for his offbeat comments after losing Game Three in Philadelphia and saying he wished the season already to be over.

Prediction: I still believe there will be a Game Seven; however, I don’t see the classic pitching matchup to take place. I believe both pitchers will be gone by the sixth inning and a good old fashioned slug fest to take place.

The winner of this game goes double digits as the Phillies take Game Six, 11-8.

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