Top 12 Consolations for Phillies Fans

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12) Red Sox Fan will hear about this much more than you will

11) A-Rod got hit a lot

10) It’s not like your laundry hasn’t won recently

9) New York Fan is still bent over that Giants game

8) With any luck, you won’t have to watch Brad Lidge ever again

7) It was getting kind of hard to never second-guess Charlie Manuel anyway

6) Cole Hamels wanted the year to be over anyway

5) While the millennium is no longer free of Yankee championships, it still doesn’t have a single Cowboys playoff win

4) Harry Kalas didn’t have to watch it

3) Judging from the crowd noise at games in Philadephia, many of you made out like bandits by selling your tickets to Yankee Fans

2) By any measure, there has never been a period in the 120-year history of the franchise where it’s been a better time to be a fan

1) Mets Fan still has his head in the oven

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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