While the 2009 World Series Is Still Undecided, Its MVP Is Not

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Although the 2009 World Series has yet to be decided, the series MVP has certainly been determined.  

Unless Andy Pettitte goes out and pulls a Don Larsen tonight or Alex Rodriguez hits four solo home runs in a 4-3 Yankees victory, MLB can begin engraving Chase Utley’s name into the 2009 World Series MVP trophy.

Utley is batting .333 with five home runs and eight RBI during the series.

No player in the history of baseball has hit more home runs during a single World Series than Utley. His blast in the bottom of the seventh inning in Game Five tied the mark Reggie Jackson set during the 1977 World Series. 

And this is all while batting in front of the coldest hitter in the game right now, Ryan Howard.

It is by no means an exaggeration to say that Utley has hit virtually every decent pitch he’s seen out of the park.

Why Yankee pitchers insist on throwing the ball anywhere in the vicinity of the strike zone with Utley at the plate is as baffling as why many thought Chad Gaudin and his lifetime 4.50 ERA should have started Game Five.

Had the Yankees bombarded Utley with curve balls and sliders out of the zone after his two-home run performance in Game One, Derek Jeter, Joe Girardi, A-Rod, and the gang would have been making their way down the Canyon of Heroes today rather than preparing for Game Six.

If the Phillies happen to pull off a miracle in the Bronx this week, Chase Utley’s name will forever be associated with the greatest postseason performances in the game’s long and illustrious history.

However, if the Yankees win one of the next two games—which is the more likely outcome—Utley’s MVP award will be just an unwanted consolation prize; one that could serve well as a highly-functional bathroom doorstop.  

Whether you’re a Yankees fan, Phillies fan, or simply a baseball fan, a tip of the cap to Utley is certainly warranted.

But, no matter how well an individual player performs, unless his team wins the series, he’ll wind up being just an answer to a difficult sports trivia question five years from now.

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