Will Placido Polanco’s Fantasy Value Increase with Philadelphia Phillies?

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It was a good week last week for Placido Polanco.

He signed a three-year, $18 million contract, he joined one of the best teams in baseball in the Philadelphia Phillies, and now that he is part of a great lineup, his offensive numbers should get a boost.

While all that is great for Polanco, it’s the last item that fantasy owners care about the most. With Polanco in a much better lineup, we should see increased fantasy production from him in 2010.

In 2009, Polanco hit .285/10/72 with 82 runs scored with the Detroit Tigers. I expect Polanco to improve on those numbers in a potent Philly lineup.

Polanco should be batting second in front of Chase Utley and Ryan Howard in 2010, which means two things. One, we should see Polanco score more than 82 runs in 2010, and two, he should get plenty of good pitches to hit, which means his average and power numbers should remain constant in 2010.

With a better offensive ballpark coupled with a better lineup, I expect Polanco to put up a .290/13/65 line with 95-plus runs scored.

Polanco moving from second to third doesn’t change his draft value. Consider Polanco a second-tier second base or third base option in 2010.

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