Halladay for Lee Just Makes Cents for Phillies

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After the Phillies made the blockbuster trade for All-Star pitcher Roy Halladay, it was posed to me why didn’t the Phillies go for broke and keep both Halladay and the Seattle-bound Cliff Lee?

It’s all about the P’s: Prospects and Payroll.

When the Phillies traded for Lee last July, they gave up pitchers Carlos Carrasco and Jason Knapp, along with catcher Lou Marsdan and shortstop Jason Donald. That was four of the Phillies top minor league prospects.

Gone from the Pharm in the Roy Halladay deal were prized chip pitcher Kyle Drabek, outfielder Michael Taylor and catcher Travis D’Aranud.

Another three top chips in the Pharm, including the best chip, Drabek, the son of former major league pitcher Doug Drabek.

And payroll?

The Phillies have stated they wanted to keep the payroll at about $140 million.

To keep Lee, scheduled to make $9 million this year and Halladay, at roughly $20 million, the payroll would jump to about $160 million. And the Phillies would not have that.

In the deal, the Phillies get prospects Phillipe Aumont and Juan Ramirez, both pitchers and outfielder Tyson Gilles, all from Seattle.

They also get $6 million from Toronto in the deal.

Prospects and payroll out, prospects and money in.


They also felt they could sign Halladay to three years or more, while Lee strongly suggested he would go free agent after 2010.

I will tell you this: Halladay would not come to Philadelphia, if he could not get a long-term deal. It is reported he will get a five-year, $100 million contract. The first three years are at $20 million per year, with an option on the next one or two years.

The Phillies also could not see signing both Lee and Halladay long-term.

The Phillies generally go one year on high reward, low risk pitchers, like Pedro Martinez and perhaps John Smoltz.

Then why not keep Lee for this year and go for broke?

They would have to dump pitcher Joe Blanton, who should make $7 million this year to keep both Lee and Halladay.

Apparently, now you keep Blanton.

It could be possible to keep both Halladay and Lee, but it is not the way the Phillies do business.

What could have been.

But how can you argue with three straight National League East crowns, two World Series appearances and one World Series title in the past three years?

The Phillies are not done, I can feel it.

When you got the chance to get baseball’s best pitcher, you do what you have to do.

Makes cents to me.


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