Charlie Manuel Is Coming to Town: Phillies Manager Brings Holiday Cheer

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You’ll see him soon—showing up in his typical attire, the red and white suit, with his aged hat.

His socks sit about knee high, tucked under his insulated leggings to keep warm in the coldest days of the year. Waiting all year to deliver his special treat that he has given fans worldwide, near or far, for quite some time.

His name? Not Santa Claus, but Charlie Manuel.

However, it seems that each smile sender seems to have the same persona. Heck, everyone loves them, giving a not so far-fetched idea that Charlie Manuel is Santa Claus.

He may not have the elongated white beard, but Manuel has the color scheme, jovial spirit, and heart-warming personality that seem to give us all laughter and cheer.

At first, this Manuel couldn’t be real. He was only a hitting coach in Cleveland, and now you say he has an annual treat that he gives us all?

But then I see him at the annual Phillies Phestival, and everyone seems to be taking pictures with children standing by him or on his lap. Seems like this nonsensical and lackadaisical neophyte isn’t so bad after all.

Manuel also has some hardware in his house. It seems like his elves are always trying their hearts out just for all of us to enjoy a certain special time of year. With smiles like Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard, I don’t think anyone could look at them and think otherwise. Besides longtime Mets fan, Uncle Scrooge.

I’m having a hard time grasping this Manuel character. But ever since 2007, I’m starting to believe in this pot-bellied…winner.

It’s not maybe next year. It’s always this year.

So when people ask,

“Do you believe in Santa?”

I say yes.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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