Phillies Show on Opening Day, Lineup Is Offensive

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The 2009 Philadelphia Phillies team hit 10 home runs more than the year before and scored 21 more runs and had 26 more RBI.

The offense led the team to its second straight National League pennant. They fell short in six games to the New York Yankees, but heck, Chase Utley tied Reggie Jackson’s record of five home runs in a single World Series.

You ain’t seen nothing, yet.

Monday’s 11-1 thrashing of the Washington Nationals on Opening Day was no mirage.

Sure the team will go into funks, but no more five runs in five days.

Batting Placido Planaco second and Shane Victorino seventh paid big dividends. Palanco went 3-5 with six RBI and Victorino was 1-5 with an RBI and run scored. The big man, Ryan Howard hit a two-run bomb in the fourth inning.

Sure, this was not the Yankees the Phils were playing.

The Yankees marched to a World Series championship in 2009. In the process, they scored 915 runs, hit 224 home runs and 881 RBI.

The Phillies scored 820 runs, hit 224 home runs, and were first in doubles with 312.

Four players had 30 or more home runs: Howard 45, Jayson Werth 36, Raul Ibanez and Chase Utley hit 31. Howard hit 145 RBI, Werth 99, Utley 93 and Ibanez 93.

Fewer runs than the Yankees but the same amount of home runs. And the American League has the designated hitter.


Polanco hit .285 and only struck out 46 times for the Tigers last year. A hitter for average who does not strike out a lot.

I have to admit I wanted Chone Figgins as the Phillies third baseman. Lots of stolen bases.

But Polanco fits this team.

A team full of strikeouts and prolonged to long scoreless slumps.

No more.

Watch out National League.

Ain’t no stopping us now.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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