Phillies Fans: Menaces to Society?

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Philadelphia fans in general have a bad reputation. We are loud. We are fickle. More often than not, we are intoxicated. An athlete playing for a Philly team is only as good as his last play. While some may see that as a negative, I see it as a sign of our dedication to our teams and our city. We simply refuse to tolerate a player not owning up the cash he’s paid. This makes our players better. Philadelphia bleeds red (obviously), but it’s not any old normal red, it’s Phillies red. I can’t prove there is a difference in the color, but take my word for it. However, this tendency towards raucousness has led a few bad apples to stray far from the tree of simple jeering and booing. Here are some of the most recent Phillies fans who have taken it a step too far.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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