Roy Halladay’s Perfect Game: Marlins Offering Tickets to Baseball History

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Are you a Roy Halladay fan?

Would you like a ticket to his perfect game?

Well, you are in luck, ’cause the Marlins organization is selling the remaining tickets.

Earlier today, the Fighting Fish announced that they were going to be selling the remaining tickets that were left from Halladay’s historic performance.

How many tickets are left, you may ask?

Just over 25,000 fans showed up Saturday, but many were not necessarily there to see baseball. You see, since the Marlins are not overly popular in South Florida, the organization has come up with the “Super Saturday” gimmick.

Every Saturday home game, they hire a band and shoot off fireworks, in order to draw a crowd to an often-empty Sun Life Stadium. This week, I do believe it was the band O.A.R., which is an upgrade to the Orange Bowl halftime show I saw in the same stadium (K.C. and the Sunshine Band).

Either way, now there is a total of just over 15,000 tickets left for sale. The team says it will continue to sell them until they are gone. As of last check at around 7 p.m. Eastern time, they had sold more tickets from this game, mainly to Phillies’ fans, than tickets to Monday’s Memorial Day win over the Brewers.

So, how do you go about buying your ticket, and how much will it cost? All you have to do is pay full price, as long as they are available, and head on over to the Marlins’ website.

On a side note, I attended my first game there in 2007. It was a Friday night matchup against the Braves for which me and my buddy had not bought tickets in advance. A scalper offered us two “fish tank” seats, otherwise known as outfield seats, for $5 each.

The joke, you ask? The parking was $10.

What are your thoughts on what the Marlins’ organization is doing? Is it good for fans and collectors? Should they be allowed to sell you tickets to games that you never even attended? Would you pay $45 for an infield box seat to a game you didn’t attend.

If only I had gone and bought a $5 fish tank seat…

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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