No-Hitters: Perfection and Near Perfection in 2010

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There have been 18 perfect games since 1900.

Interestingly enough, 11 of those 18 have come since 1981. Perfect games used to be rare. What we have seen this year is unprecedented. It is unlikely that the perfect and near-perfect games will continue. It is possible that we won’t see another one for 20-30 years.

Way back in May of 2002, Mike Cameron and Shawn Green each hit four home runs in a game. In 2003, Carlos Delgado also accomplished this. Many fans thought that we would see this more and more.

However, no one has hit four homers in a game since. We will know soon enough if the same thing will happen with the perfect and near perfect games of 2010.

One could argue that giving up one hit, or one base runner, is not close to a perfect game at all. As soon as the pitcher gives up a hit, the pressure is gone. There may be something to that.

Here is a rundown of the perfect and near perfect games of 2010.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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